Friday, 28 October 2011

Proud Mom...

Just home from UH College Year 12 & 13 media awards night (HOSCARS) - very cool night... and so VERY proud of my daughter Kait... her movie "KASSEY" (which she wrote, co-edited, co-screenplayed, directed, co-produced, as well as being main actress)... won best supporting actress; best edited; best cinematogrophy and BEST OVERALL Y12 MOVIE !!! So very proud of her and her friends Dan Henton (co-editor), Jacob Bly (co-editor), Heidi Filkins (co-screenplay, co-editor, co-producer, actress), Megan Eckery & Melissa Beyon (Actresses) and Callum Bircher (God). Oh and Kait designed the poster and DVD cover as well!

Heidi (left) and Kait

Dan, Jacob, Heidi & Kait

Well done xox

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Are you searching for a great peanut butter?

Forgot to tell you about a delish natural peanut butter I had read about recently .... I went in search of some today ... very tasty, very nice "Really Good Peanut Butter", made in Nelson. The girls have sampled and given it the thumbs up too :)

Great website, can even order online if you can't locate a store near you.

Hi dear friends... its been awhile ;)

You can tell when its full on training time for Taupo Cycle Challenge, time on the computer and at the sewing machine becomes a rarity and time on the bike becomes all consuming (along with going to the gym)...

All that said, training is going really well for Taupo - its only about 8 weeks away - eek - 160kms around the great lake. Gearshifters squad on a Saturday has kicked in and hills are the favourite training ground for the trainers to take us on... Am riding Sundays with the Cranks (a social group in Upper Hutt) or entering the fun rides. I've been training hard with a personal trainer focusing on strength training and refocusing the diet which is working a treat.

A little quilting is being done (not enough to show unfortunately) and a little hand-stitching is being worked, even picked up the knitting needles to make some more fingerless gloves as a belated birthday present (its still quite chilly here in the mornings).

I've found a couple of great blogs recently : Kitchen Maid has delicious recipes and Indiana June is a kiwi girl cycling around Europe at present with social media (Twitter, Facebook etc) followers selecting her next destination or activity (you too can participate and vote).

Hugs to all