Tuesday, 27 July 2010

New blog in town...Material Chicks...

Deb has a new blog to tell you all about which hopefully you may be interested in having a look at. The background behind this blog is that Deb and Darlene used to have a website where they sold patterns online. Sadly life took over and they found that as they got busier and busier they were unable to keep the website updated with their patterns as they came and went so the girls have decided to close the website and sell all of their remaining patterns at a reduced price. Patterns are being uploaded gradually and the Paypal buttons are loaded

As part of their new blog launch they are running a give-away, so feel free to pop on over and have a look BUT do remember there are many more patterns to get uploaded for you to see.

So what's been happening?...

Gosh, anyone would think I'd disappeared off the planet...

I've got nothing crafty to show you, I've got no gossip to share, in fact it feels like not much has been going on lately other than, wake up in the morning, go about the usual weekly day, before you know it the weekend comes around and its catching up on housework, groceries and taxi-ing the girls around...and then we're back to Monday!

The weather has been too bleak to go out for regular bike rides, so the indoor trainer has had a bit of use (so boring sitting in the cold stairwell, with the headphones on, eyes closed to wish away the minutes of peddling...

The most exciting thing this month has been DD1's 16th birthday party - was a great night - the highlight for me was DD1's boy mates did an impromtu haka - was spine tingling and gave me an awww moment, to think how much they cared about her.

Oh I do have a girlie stitching away weekend coming up... first weekend of August - am hoping that will re-ignite my quilting mojo. The bike is coming along for the weekend too as fingers are crossed that Levin will provide finer consistent weather over two days so I can get some good rides in... promise will have something worthy to show after a weekend away stitching LOL.

So how is your week fairing?

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Not much quilting going on...

The posts are very few and far between at the moment... Have not been very productive of late, working a little more on the secret project and working on the Butterfly Garden BOM blocks, and working on another quilt top though nothing of note to show.

I did knit some fingerless gloves a few weeks back - these are excellent for those frosty mornings on the train - can still read my book and turn the pages LOL though the hands are kept warm and toastie. I haven't used those double ended needles before - you use 4 at a time - was a bit of a confusion to get started though after knitting three gloves I got a perfect pair!

Today DH helped his Dad split more wood (they had 6 huge gum trees felled a few weeks ago that were leaning over the road) - so while they did that I went for a bike ride - 39km on rolling Masterton backroads - was gorgeous as the Tararua ranges where snow covered - though was freezing, by the time I got back to their house my feet were like blocks of ice. Yummy hot shower and delicious lunch got the blood circulating again in no time.

You would think after a day of Diesel playing with my Mum-in-law's dog he'd be tuckered out - he still has enough energy to have a round or two with Bella!

And to finish of today's post... my darling, gorgeous girls, photo taken a few weeks ago when DD2 (on the left) turned 13. DD1 (on the right) turns 16 next Sunday... my how time seems to fly by.
Hope you've had a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Totally Committed Now...

Two things committed to over the last couple of days... first I joined Gearshifters, in Wellington (for beginners through to advanced) which is a bike riding group who have dedicated people who design intense programmes that they run 13-15 weeks prior to a big bike event... so I've paid my money and am looking forward to the first ride early September (13 weeks out from Taupo Challenge). What I like about this group is that they have lots of tips and hints, help you with hill riding, biking in bunches etc, not only do they have an organised bike each Saturday morning, they also provide you access to fornightly spin classes, nutrition advice, strength training advice etc - plus get to meet bunch of crazy people like me!
Second thing... committed and paid the money for my registration for Taupo Challenge today -wahoo! there is no backing out of it now... So between now and September I will still be training on my own either out in the sun (come on Spring have had enough of the rain) or on the trainer in the hallway downstairs with the headphones on... too funny the last few nights when have jumped on the bike and plugged in the headphones the pop song that has the words"...I'm riding solo, I'm riding solo, solo..." has been playing - weird.

Also, some really sad news today too... my good friend Yvonne who runs Sawmillers Quiltery, phoned me today to say her beloved Barney (Bichon dog) passed away unexpectedly last night. Barney was a huge part of Sawmillers and will be greatly missed by the quiltery & Stonestead tearoom customers and friends.
My thoughts are with Yvonne and her family who I know will be missing him terribly.