Thursday, 1 July 2010

Totally Committed Now...

Two things committed to over the last couple of days... first I joined Gearshifters, in Wellington (for beginners through to advanced) which is a bike riding group who have dedicated people who design intense programmes that they run 13-15 weeks prior to a big bike event... so I've paid my money and am looking forward to the first ride early September (13 weeks out from Taupo Challenge). What I like about this group is that they have lots of tips and hints, help you with hill riding, biking in bunches etc, not only do they have an organised bike each Saturday morning, they also provide you access to fornightly spin classes, nutrition advice, strength training advice etc - plus get to meet bunch of crazy people like me!
Second thing... committed and paid the money for my registration for Taupo Challenge today -wahoo! there is no backing out of it now... So between now and September I will still be training on my own either out in the sun (come on Spring have had enough of the rain) or on the trainer in the hallway downstairs with the headphones on... too funny the last few nights when have jumped on the bike and plugged in the headphones the pop song that has the words"...I'm riding solo, I'm riding solo, solo..." has been playing - weird.

Also, some really sad news today too... my good friend Yvonne who runs Sawmillers Quiltery, phoned me today to say her beloved Barney (Bichon dog) passed away unexpectedly last night. Barney was a huge part of Sawmillers and will be greatly missed by the quiltery & Stonestead tearoom customers and friends.
My thoughts are with Yvonne and her family who I know will be missing him terribly.


By Hoki Quilts said...

Wow Julz, that's one heck of a challenge but one I'm sure you will rise to - good on ya girl *wink*. So sad about the passing of the wee dog. Ours are aging rapidly and both are the same age. Their demise isn't something I look forward to, the loss of an older pet really is the loss of a family member.

KENNETH said...

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Jason said...

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