Saturday, 5 June 2010

Where fairies shelter from the rain...

I spied these gorgeous toadstools on my bike ride this afternoon, and thought... ah ha - when I pick up DD1 from work tonight I'll take the camera and snap a few pics! A lot of these photo's were taken by placing camera near the ground and just trusting the auto focus and pressing the button - my camera doesn't have live view so looking through the eye finder was like looking into a dark cave. Really pleased with the results from not taking much time as DD1 was starving and wanting her dinner :)

A great day today for visitors, first Brother in law came for a visit from Palmerston North, then niece and her boyfriend stopped in from Masterton and then just as I was finishing my shower (after bike ride this arvo) I heard someone call out 'hello' and Diesel also very high pitch yelping, called out to the person just a minute - throwing on clothes, and also calling Diesel as he sounded wounded! He comes scurrying into the bathroom with a big Alsatian following him - turns out its the dog from the house down the bottom of our driveway had jumped their fence and come for a visit. Diesel always runs down to see Sasha (the Alsatian) and they 'chat' to each other thru the fence though they've never had a play date. Poor sookie boy wasn't too sure about the forwardness of this girl dog - she was happy as anything and roaming around the house like she lived here, she was definitely the 'alpha' dog in the twosome! Turned out the 'hello' was from my sister in law and her partner, also from Masterton. So SinLaw and I took Sasha home and suggested to the neighbour that the dogs have play dates ... I think he thought I was a bit mad as he was like.. ooh okay!

Such a great day, SinLaw and partner ended up staying for dinner, and they headed home when it was time for me to head out to pick up DD1 from work and of course take those cute photo's of 'where fairies shelter from the rain'.



By Hoki Quilts said...

What a great day you have had. There must be something in the WGTN air as Romany Quilting also has photos of similar toadstools. Now you have to go looking for fairy (daisy) rings to see if those little places are inhabited.

Heart Felt said...

Wow, the image with the moon behind to it. xx

Ali Honey said...

Some really beaut photos there. (I employed similar methods when I didn't wish to lie face down on wet grass. )