Sunday, 25 April 2010

A change in date for your diary & cheque book...

Due to an advertising error... (new advert above)

The correct date for the FAT 1/4 FRENZY is...
Saturday, 1st May 2010
at Sawmillers Quiltery

Sawmillers Quiltery can be found at 3 Plateau Road, Te Marua, Upper Hutt. I'll be at the Quiltery helping Yvonne with the Fat 1/4 Frenzy (10.00am to 4.30pm). There will be oodles of fat quarters to choose from.

And don't forget Stonestead Tearooms will be open next door, Kevin makes delicious scones, and a magic cuppa :)

See you there...

Lest We Forget...

New Zealand and Australian soldiers landing at Anzac Cove, 25 April 1915
(photo from

The day in Wellington has dawned overcast and misty rain.

Here is an interesting link there are great photo's, letters home, video clips and facts commerating Anzac Day.

Just reading Stuff online (up to date news site); there is very sad breaking news this morning that Police confirmed three people are dead after an Air Force iroquois helicopter crashed into a farm north of Wellington.
Police confirmed that the Anzac Day crash happened about 6.45am. The wreckage was found on a farm, off Paekakariki Hill Rd and near Pukerua Bay, north of Wellington.
Four people were onboard. A Wellington Free Ambulance spokeswoman said three people were dead, and a fourth was taken to hospital in a serious to critical condition.
Few details were available but it's understood the chopper was one of three iroquois helicopters travelling to Wellington for Anzac Day celebrations.

What a terrible thing to happen.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Photo's from my Mobile...

This morning I finally worked out how to download photo's from my mobile to the pc LOL !

Unfortunately the quality of the photo's is pretty yuck, though these are the snaps I've taken when I've forgotten or couldn't take my camera (am thinking I need to invest in a pocket model!)

DD2 on the RIGHT! and the Wellington Saints Basketball mascot. This was DD2 first time going to watch a live game, she had such a great time.

This is from last Sunday's bike ride around the Eastbourne coast, past pencarrow lighthouse, past pencarrow lodge this is looking back at to where we had biked to and stopped for lunch - almost to the point onthe right!

This is where we parked for lunch...

DH checking out the view looking back to where we started from. The point to the far left is where you would find pencarrow lighthouse - was a great semi flat road - very fast riding - took us an hour to get to our lunch destination from the car.

This is the Pheonix game we went and watched a few months ago - this is the 'yellow zone' rowdy bunch and so much fun.

Stunningly hot day at the stadium - and my gorgeous girls :)
Had a gorgeous bike ride this morning 45.9 kms - the rain didn't arrive and there was hardly any wind. Stopped into a local bike shop and have sorted out which bike shoes and clips to buy. So roll on payday!
Working on the baby quilt tonight after dinner so will post photo's tomorrow.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

OMG, world famous ...

Have a giggle...

Here is the link below to the YouTube clip from Sunday's duathlon. We are at the front in the lime green sweat tops in the warm up (not very coordinated am I (No. 22), and out of time LOL). Leigh is No 21 and you'll see her crossing the finish line - yay :)

We are also at the finish line on the side cheering on other ladies (near the end of the clip).


Monday, 12 April 2010

Feeling stiff today !

I currently reading Kerre Woodham's book "Short Fat Chick to Marathon Runner", and in the book she talks about seeing her photo from her first 1/2 marathon... I can so relate to her thoughts... I wait in anticipation to see the photo's from the events and then feel so shamed when I see them... on the plus side I look slightly thinner than last years event, though still look so pained and ugh! I'm not writing this for compliments, as I know I scrub up okay with a bit of effort and makeup - I just so wish I looked like I was enjoying it (inside I am) just on the outside I look so pained!

Anyway these are the official photo's ... the first one is on the way back from the first run leg...

Digging deep to make up time on the bike section - and cripes the hips are letting me know today - they are so stiff!

Yay the finish line is just about crossed and even a wee smile :)


Sunday, 11 April 2010

The day dawn cold and foggy..

The alarm went off at 5.45am and awoke to a cold, foggy morning. A quick shower to wake up the body, then into the gear, with the new t-shirt for the Real Women's Duathlon. Sis-in-law was up, we downed a coffee, toast and banana and headed into Wellington.

The fog had cleared and we smuggly though - excellent - no wind, we're gonna have a great event this morning. Then we parked the car, checked our bikes were okay (after they had overnighted at the event), and waited for the 'warm up zumba' to start... and the wind picked up noticeably...

Were were in the first wave to go at 8am. I said to Leigh - you just go for it girl and don't wait for me. As even though Leigh had done no training, she was keen to run and see how it all went. Whereas I had said I'd be walking the two run sections (as the shins are just aargh, and I don't enjoy the running) though have to admit I did jog parts of the run sections. Anyway by the time I got in from the first run section I saw Leigh's bike had gone. I jumped onto my bike and peddled like I had a rocket attached to the bike I was keeping an eye out for Leigh thinking she'd be on the homeward stretch for the 2nd run. There were a couple of mean corners when the wind just about stopped you and then it was off the bike (and as I was racking the bike thought - that girl has racked hers somewhere else!) so then I headed off for the 2nd run (walk) - still didn't see Leigh, so kept up the pace and crossed the finish line at 1:03:43 - yeah was stoked as last year it was 1:12:29. I went up to Jess who was there cheering us on and said "where's Leigh", Jess said - she's still coming in - "what I've finally bet her?" so I went back to cheer her in - what a trooper she came in at 1:05:35. My saving grace was the fact that Leigh had done no training, and that I've done lots of biking so knew I could make up time there.

Ladies, I've got to say if you get the opportunity - join in the fun and enter the Real Women Duathlon's - they are so much fun, very relaxed, lots of ladies of all shapes, fitness levels and ages. It is a totally non-threatening environment - really well organised and run, they are great fun, great breakfast provided afterwards, great goodie bag and spot prizes.

Do you want to know what my next challenge is?
The Wattyl Cycle Challenge around Taupo (160km) on 27th November !! The training has already begun - am quite nervous about this one... I've worked out my 42km circuit I do most weekends will have to be done 4 times in a row to get the feel for the time, hills and distance! (I'm working up to that).
With that exhausted thought am heading of to sleep.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Bits 'n Bobs...

Even though have been a little quiet with the postings, I've got a few things that I've been working on...

Here's Bella helping me make a wee bunny from the Australian Homespun No 82 (Vol11.3) magazine, the bunny in the article had a painted face, I didn't have any fabric paints at home so improvised with DMC thread and tiny buttons.

This is a wee gift for my hairdresser who is expecting their first baby. I've also started a quilt for her (to use up the stash!) am making it up as I go along, so will show pics soon.

This yummy butterfly fabric was recently added to my stash, as an Easter gift from my lovely mum-in-law:
This delicious pink 'girlie' fabric is from Sawmillers Quiltery ... its so cute!
The next two photo's are fabrics that I got from CherryPie when I was there a few weeks ago for a stitching weekend with our Thursday girls... the cat fabric was just too cute to leave behind!