Sunday, 11 April 2010

The day dawn cold and foggy..

The alarm went off at 5.45am and awoke to a cold, foggy morning. A quick shower to wake up the body, then into the gear, with the new t-shirt for the Real Women's Duathlon. Sis-in-law was up, we downed a coffee, toast and banana and headed into Wellington.

The fog had cleared and we smuggly though - excellent - no wind, we're gonna have a great event this morning. Then we parked the car, checked our bikes were okay (after they had overnighted at the event), and waited for the 'warm up zumba' to start... and the wind picked up noticeably...

Were were in the first wave to go at 8am. I said to Leigh - you just go for it girl and don't wait for me. As even though Leigh had done no training, she was keen to run and see how it all went. Whereas I had said I'd be walking the two run sections (as the shins are just aargh, and I don't enjoy the running) though have to admit I did jog parts of the run sections. Anyway by the time I got in from the first run section I saw Leigh's bike had gone. I jumped onto my bike and peddled like I had a rocket attached to the bike I was keeping an eye out for Leigh thinking she'd be on the homeward stretch for the 2nd run. There were a couple of mean corners when the wind just about stopped you and then it was off the bike (and as I was racking the bike thought - that girl has racked hers somewhere else!) so then I headed off for the 2nd run (walk) - still didn't see Leigh, so kept up the pace and crossed the finish line at 1:03:43 - yeah was stoked as last year it was 1:12:29. I went up to Jess who was there cheering us on and said "where's Leigh", Jess said - she's still coming in - "what I've finally bet her?" so I went back to cheer her in - what a trooper she came in at 1:05:35. My saving grace was the fact that Leigh had done no training, and that I've done lots of biking so knew I could make up time there.

Ladies, I've got to say if you get the opportunity - join in the fun and enter the Real Women Duathlon's - they are so much fun, very relaxed, lots of ladies of all shapes, fitness levels and ages. It is a totally non-threatening environment - really well organised and run, they are great fun, great breakfast provided afterwards, great goodie bag and spot prizes.

Do you want to know what my next challenge is?
The Wattyl Cycle Challenge around Taupo (160km) on 27th November !! The training has already begun - am quite nervous about this one... I've worked out my 42km circuit I do most weekends will have to be done 4 times in a row to get the feel for the time, hills and distance! (I'm working up to that).
With that exhausted thought am heading of to sleep.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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By Hoki Quilts said...

Well done to both of you. Julz you are amazing and oh so fit. Me? I'm still on the exercycle - 630 km since January, pitiful compared to your talents my dear. As for running, well, the wobbly bits would wobble me off my feet, LOL.