Saturday, 25 July 2009

Forgot to show you...

... my new glasses !

No full picture, as wearing no makeup :)

And yes Junior Witch the fringe looks real wonky - could be just how the hair dried al-la-natural ... hmm don't think so though!

Frames are very modern compared to what I had been wearing, have to say the sharpness and clarity of new lenses is just wonderful, and can see my stitching again without it sitting right under my nose!


Making most of the wet weather...

On Thursday, Wellington was struck with horrendous weather, whilst most people were running for shelter, or just trying to get home (we had really bad traffic jams, and also a train derailment), I get home to find that DD1 convinced DD2 to run around outside in the rain so she could get some photo's to include in her photo assignment for college ! Fingers are crossed no sniffles have ensued... gotta love their creativity.


Catchup on WIPs


Finally I've got the "Swirling Leaves/Autumn Quilt" off the chair and re-united with the sewing machine... have finally started quilting... I've traced the leaf design onto the golden paper - which is so good to stitch over, then rips away (though remember to rip gently!)...

And then at Quilt club meeting today, I finished another of the Gail Pan BOM blocks, am really enjoying stitching these, and everyone comments on how good they look (the design that is!).

One of our club members who is an OT gave a great talk on exercises to relief the aches and pains from long periods of sewing at the machine, hand quilting etc, along with showing correct height for your ironing board, sitting at your sewing machine etc. Was a great talk. Got home from Club just after 4pm and quickly chucked on the bike gear, and headed out for a quick 20km ride (took just over an hour) to make the most of finally a fine day!
Hmm, Miss Bella is not looking too impressed with all the cuddles she's been getting lately !

Tomorrow Mum, Dad and Sis in law are coming over for the day, after they've had a reviving cuppa, Mum and Sis in Law, along with DD1 and myself are hitting the recycle clothing shops, we haven't done the rummage through the racks for a few months so we're looking forward to finding some bargains. I got a head start on them and went to one on Friday in Cuba Mall and picked up a MAX long sleeved blouse, perfect condition for $10 !


Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Stitchers Angel Swap 2009 registrations open...

I've just registered for Helen's Stitchers Angel Swap 2009 go to her blog now to register for this fun swap. In Helen's posting she has also included the rules.... it is really important that when you register to accept the commitment to timelines etc, so that your swap partner is not disappointed in not receiving their 'swap'. It is an excellent way to try new projects, meet new blogging friends - totally recommend you join!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Was a cold and very blustery day...

It may not have been our best time, or the most fun of the Rangitikei Active winter duathlon series, though this event today was a test for not listening to that 'little voice moaning in the back of your head', braving the chill factor and not letting the strong, blustery winds beat you. The course would have been a goodie on a still day - even rain would have been better than the wind we had today... even the undulating hills were easy in comparison to the wind factor.

Though we did it... we both ran/biked/ran - six minutes slower than last month - so Leigh clocked in at 1 hour 1 minute - and I staggered behind her at 1 hour 3 minutes. Can't say I was sorry to cross the finish line - was good to see that everyone else looked as knackered as we felt LOL.

I should be able to post a couple of pics in the next couple of days from the Rangitikei website. Next event is in August - so more running practice in order, the shoes are breaking in nicely, the shins were lots better today - just gotta keep working on the running fitness and stamina - I find running SO hard. Much prefer the bike!

Hope you have had a warm weekend and did something that you enjoy.


Friday, 10 July 2009

Angel in Print...

I may never get one of my quilts in print (I will keep trying) - though I can still say I got to be in print !

Above is from the NZ Quilter magazine Issue 68 - dressed as an angel for a day at Quilt Wellington Symposium :) It was such a great day - I totally recommend, if you are unable to afford to attend/participate in classes at the next Symposium (Remarkable Symposium 2011, Queenstown) - you should still register and volunteer to be an angel, you may be lucky enough (like we were) to be an angel for one of the international tutors - fantastic and fun :)


Catching up on things

Has been a great day of catching up on things... had today off work, and went to the Optomerist to get the eye-warrant-of-fitness - left eye pretty much the same - Tim only gets the left lense at 40% of what is required as if I got it for the full strength required it would be at least a finger thick (not a pretty look!!) the left eye only provides a light bit of sight so that's why its not a biggie with the lesser strength. The right eye has gone from short sighted to more on the long sighted side of things over the past four years.

Overall Tim said I could now 'legally' (driving) not wear glasses as I can read the bottom line of the eye chart - however 38 years of wearing glasses (first pair when I was 3) its hard to break old habits and comfort zones.

The good news is... am getting funky new frames, with a slight tweak to the left eye and a change in lense type for the right eye - it will be a 'fatigue' lense whereby the majority of the lense is perfect for the long distance, and looking down it will be slightly stronger to help with the close up stuff (reading, stitching) - they aren't graduated or bi-focals - he said I'm not ready for that yet - PHEW !! Now have to be patient and wait a week :) Hey Deb may have them to show off to you when I get to meet you Shiree and Carole next Sunday - wahoo.

Then got DD2 new(old) mobile connected to her old number (her other mobile is disappeared into the abiss in our house somewhere and hasn't been seen for 3 weeks...

After lunch decided I should de-grease & lube the gearing and chain on "Grace" - she's now all ready for Sunday - Duathlon #3 in Marton - the weather forecast at the moment is South Easterlies and low temp - so yeah - really looking forward to this chill factor :)
You may have noticed I have taken off the 'member' only status on my blog (so you can see my blog without having to log-in) - have been missing the casual bloggers who would pass by and leave their comments occasionally - so in future I'll just be careful what one says so it doesn't get mis-interpreted in the 'real' world.

The downside today, heard back from the MD for a job that I was so wanting to get... their part-time staff member has decided to take on the role that I had been vying for... the MD did say that if it didn't work out and she did decide fulltime wasn't for her, I'd be the first person he'd call to see if I'd still be interested in the job... was feeling very bummed as so wanted this one.... Oh well - the right job will come along - just have to keep sending in the CV's and cover letters - it is such a hard market to find a new job :(

The upside of today... have UFO night with the quilt club - am planning on putting together the Block 5 of Butterfly Garden BOM - actually I should be working on this now instead of catching up with you guys!! I'll make a start soon...

Hope you've been having a happy day.


Saturday, 4 July 2009

Dear Jane Update A7, A8 and A9..

It seems that Saturday is the day to work on DJ... reading back through my DJ journal, all my updates occur then, mind you I guess it is the one night that I can focus on this as the house is usually nice and quiet.

Here is A7 - for some reason this block is called "Dad's Plaids" - you can still see my pencil marks on the fabric from my needle turn - this of course will need to be fixed...

This is A8 - Florence Nightingale - fantastically simple block :)

And this is A9 - Cabin Fever - yup can work out why its got the 'fever' added to the name - this block took a good couple of hours - fiddly little thing - only lost a point of one teeny triangle - I am fast learning that there is not a lot of allowance for margin of errors in these blocks!

Four more blocks to go in this row... perhaps if the weather is grotty tomorrow it will be a great excuse to tackle a few more of these...

A productive day...

Had a lovely sleep-in this morning, one plus of the alarm clock not having to be set for an ungodly hour for DH to go to work. Saturday's have been cut from his working week as part of the "recession" (don't you dispise this word!) - though fingers are crossed this is only for the short term.

So after jumping out of bed at 8.45am - I decided to brave a quick jog around the blog - slowly getting better - oh how I envy the people that I see jogging like it has no impact whatsoever on their breathing, shins or bodies... I guess perserverance is what is going to be the winner in the long term... then eventually that will have an effect on my fitness and running ability :) When got home then jumped on my bike (via the indoor trainer). Am keeping fingers and toes crossed that tomorrows weather will not be as forecasted (wet & cold) as my friend "the quilting vet" and I are planning on going for a long ride around Whiteman's Valley in the morning.

Next duathlon is next Sunday - in Marton - round 3 - and the time I've got to beat is my time from round 2 - 57:07.

Today I had the pleasure of quilt-sitting for Yvonne at Sawmillers. Yvonne was off judging the Ballroom champs in Lower Hutt - so I got to play with her new fabrics, chat with the customers and thankfully ring up a few sales on her till :) I also picked up my "challenge pack" to start getting creative with my entry for the 2nd Stonestead Quilt Festival in Feb 2010. Hmm I think I've got my design sorted already...

While quilt-sitting, I managed to finish the 2nd block of Gail Pan's BOM... "Merry" - these are so quick and fun to do.

Hope you have had a happy day :)