Sunday, 12 July 2009

Was a cold and very blustery day...

It may not have been our best time, or the most fun of the Rangitikei Active winter duathlon series, though this event today was a test for not listening to that 'little voice moaning in the back of your head', braving the chill factor and not letting the strong, blustery winds beat you. The course would have been a goodie on a still day - even rain would have been better than the wind we had today... even the undulating hills were easy in comparison to the wind factor.

Though we did it... we both ran/biked/ran - six minutes slower than last month - so Leigh clocked in at 1 hour 1 minute - and I staggered behind her at 1 hour 3 minutes. Can't say I was sorry to cross the finish line - was good to see that everyone else looked as knackered as we felt LOL.

I should be able to post a couple of pics in the next couple of days from the Rangitikei website. Next event is in August - so more running practice in order, the shoes are breaking in nicely, the shins were lots better today - just gotta keep working on the running fitness and stamina - I find running SO hard. Much prefer the bike!

Hope you have had a warm weekend and did something that you enjoy.


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Deb said...

Once again I bow to you and what you achieve in your triatholon's. I hope you're not expecting to meet like minded people in darlene and I.....hell no.
4 sleeps Julz.