Saturday, 4 July 2009

Dear Jane Update A7, A8 and A9..

It seems that Saturday is the day to work on DJ... reading back through my DJ journal, all my updates occur then, mind you I guess it is the one night that I can focus on this as the house is usually nice and quiet.

Here is A7 - for some reason this block is called "Dad's Plaids" - you can still see my pencil marks on the fabric from my needle turn - this of course will need to be fixed...

This is A8 - Florence Nightingale - fantastically simple block :)

And this is A9 - Cabin Fever - yup can work out why its got the 'fever' added to the name - this block took a good couple of hours - fiddly little thing - only lost a point of one teeny triangle - I am fast learning that there is not a lot of allowance for margin of errors in these blocks!

Four more blocks to go in this row... perhaps if the weather is grotty tomorrow it will be a great excuse to tackle a few more of these...

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Shiree said...

H Julz,
they are looking so great, wonderful work, bet you are proud of these huh