Monday, 24 January 2011


Last night DH and I went to the movies after tea to our local cinema. Movie of choice was "Unstoppable" - with Denzel Washington and hunky actor Chris Pike (amazing eyes!)... for a movie about trains - it was very watchable and a couple of times even froze in the seat with OMG's. A great movie to share with your hubby or partner.

Today is Wellington Anniversary Day (yay Public Holiday - no work for me today!)... as the day dawned overcast I texted my cycling buddy who lives around the road to see if we should get cracking and head out for a ride. By the time I had breakfast, checked bike tyres and was about to get changed out of the pjs, the rain started bucketing down again. So long story short we decided to go for a walk in the afternoon - Oh crickey - it turned out to be a hill walk! 2 hours after leaving home I walked slowly up the drive home. We walked the hills around Pinehaven then we walked up our biking nemesis - Blue Mountains Hill, reached the top and did the 'happy dance' turned around and walked back down to Silverstream, left my friend at her front gate then took the short cut back to home. I hate to admit this - though walking up BM Hill was easier than peddling up it! Though I won't use that as an excuse to stop using it for my cycling hill work. I've warned my biking buddy she may get a rude text in the morning if I struggle to get out of bed in the morning due to very sore leg and buttock muscles from the hill climb!

Anyway after a quick shower and change, then loading up with coffee and hot toast with avocado, I settled down in front of my pc to watch "Letters to Juliet" (DH was watching history channel - plus I wanted to blub freely!) What a lovely movie, it so makes you want to win the lottery, update your passport photo, throw a few clothes into a bag, pack the camera and get the first flight to Italy. I had tears streaming down my face at one point - it is such a lovely story.

On the quilting side of life... I think the quilting mojo is finally starting to reinvigorate itself - have sandwiched a lap quilt yesterday and started stippling it this morning - now off to make pasta for tea (italian reference) and then plan on working more on the quilt after dinner.

Hope you have all had a happy day.


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Where's Summer?

This is the view from my front lawn today! Cold, Grey, Raining - where has summer gone?

Poor Bella - wet, cold and thinking she's hungry!
Beginning the long process of licking herself dry - though I did give her a towel rub after this photo :)
What! why did you wake me up - Licorice in one of his favourite sleeping spots.
About to sandwich a lap quilt together from the UFO pile - 2011 is going to be a time to get that UFO pile back into a more realistic sense of order .... yeah right!
Hope you having a lovely day.

Friday, 21 January 2011

GumTree Designs Flood Appeal 2011

** (Link attached to above picture has been fixed 22.01.11)

Please click on the picture above to take you to GumTree Designs blog and their article requesting the need for bloggers help with putting together sewing kits for the crafty lasses and lads who have lost their treasured possessions in the recent floods in Australia.

Details of how to send are included in the blog article.


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Farm Stay Bach - Hicks Bay

I came across on the internet via google (I love google!) - a wonderful farm stay bach in Hicks Bay - as this was our destination and I'm not partial to tenting/camping - I thought this the perfect fix :)

Here is one view from the verandah...

This is the day bed - perfect spot for stitching, reading, sitting with a cuppa absorbing the view and peace & quiet...

Now the very silly me didn't take any photos of when we arrived (aargh) these photos are after I had stripped off the beds and packed up everything to head home. The beds were covered in white cotton spreads, and the fake fur comforters were at the foot of each bed. There where white egyptian cotton sheets and huge pillows on the beds. DD1 had one of the beds, DD2 decided a squab on the floor was her perfect spot, and DH and I had the other bed.

The view into the bathroom, it was an old style bath and a modern sink. Note all the bed pillows stacked up by the cupboards! We had brought our own pillows so needed somewhere to store them :)

A great little kitchen - tucked out of sight was the wood fire/oven - that we had going each morning to heat up the hot water - didn't take long and kept hot for 4 showers, dishes and all day. Gas hob, microwave and bbq (on the deck) for cooking.

Another gorgeous view from the deck - was a huge deck and had the most comfy very trendy outdoor table and chairs - perfect spot for dinner and breakfasts.

The outside shower - completely private - a canopy tree overhead, brush-stick fence around - very hot water and a bit of fun.

The DD's nemesis - the outdoor long drop - no front door - wonderful view to admire as you go about your business - funky old fashioned basin to wash your hands (water from spring).

View of the verandah.

Your wonderful hosts are Steve and Beverley you can contact them via email: it is truly a fantastic bach to stay.

more photo's from 1,700km trip :)

Just a 'few' of the steps ...
that you climb to see... East Cape Lighthouse - the most easterly point in the world!
This is East Island (Whangaokeno Island) - viewed from East Cape Lighthouse. Even though the day looks very overcast - believe me it was SO muggy and hot... by midday the clouds had been burnt away and the sky was brilliant blue.
Horses and their foals roamed freely along the East Cape Road ... this wee man decided to come very close to say hello.

Calves free grazing along the beach.

An abandoned house along East Cape Road.

Another day - another bay to visit - this time is Lottin Point (Wakatiri).

Another bay for DD2 to practice her kayaking skills.

Another new day and Onepoto Bay was the bay of choice.

Brilliant weather, and where my white skin glowed like a neon light!

More photo's soon...

Saturday, 15 January 2011

1,700 kms...round trip...

For the first week of January we went on a road trip. We had house sitters minding the four cats, Diesel was dropped off to the kennels. The ute, trailer and kayaks were packed, along with sunblock, sandfly spray, lots of food and drink.

First stop was Napier for the night and testing out the kayaks in the estuary and watching an amazing sunset.

Tuesday dawned blue sky and very hot - our destination was Hicks Bay - stops along the way included Gisborne for fuel and lunch... then Tolaga Bay to check out the old wharf.

Then back in the ute and next toilet stop was Tokomaru Bay - and fancy that another old wharf to check out - along with an old wool warehouse and some relics left abandoned.
Then it was back in the car - next stop was Tikitiki where Chris caught up with an Aunty he hadn't seen for 20+ years. It was lucky she had only returned from Wellington that morning and was only at the house for a few days!
By 6pm that evening we finally arrived into Hicks Bay... more next posting.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

2nd day...

What happened to the holidays?

2nd day back at the office... great to see my work mates and catchup on their holiday news, however not enjoying the early alarm wakeup, mad dash to the train, long day away from the sunshine and fresh air, mad dash back to the train then home to chores etc

How quickly we get back on the hamster wheel and holidays feel like a lifetime ago...

Have lots of holiday pic's to post will do that next couple of days :)

Yay 'hump' day Wednesday tomorrow - half way thru the week!


Saturday, 1 January 2011


Well another year over.... can't quite face packing away the Christmas Tree yet, though I am relieved that 2010 is no longer, it has been a year filled with moments of happiness and days of stress.

Listening to friends, family and reading other blogs, it is interesting to see how many people are glad that 2010 is over... for many of us it has had incredibly hard moments (even days and weeks), and where the negatives so feel that they have outweighed the positives.

This coming year I so want the days of happiness and only moments of stress. I'm not one for making NY resolutions though I've been thinking that my focuses for 2011 will cover:

tranquility... finding the balance of all the demands that are made on your daily life

health... good health for myself, my family and my friends

family & friends... taking time to just 'be', no rushing, no half listening

passion... for quilting and cycling - ensuring I have quality time for both

My wish to you is that 2011 provides all that you want it to be, and that happiness, laughter and good health will be the mainstay of your days.