Monday, 24 January 2011


Last night DH and I went to the movies after tea to our local cinema. Movie of choice was "Unstoppable" - with Denzel Washington and hunky actor Chris Pike (amazing eyes!)... for a movie about trains - it was very watchable and a couple of times even froze in the seat with OMG's. A great movie to share with your hubby or partner.

Today is Wellington Anniversary Day (yay Public Holiday - no work for me today!)... as the day dawned overcast I texted my cycling buddy who lives around the road to see if we should get cracking and head out for a ride. By the time I had breakfast, checked bike tyres and was about to get changed out of the pjs, the rain started bucketing down again. So long story short we decided to go for a walk in the afternoon - Oh crickey - it turned out to be a hill walk! 2 hours after leaving home I walked slowly up the drive home. We walked the hills around Pinehaven then we walked up our biking nemesis - Blue Mountains Hill, reached the top and did the 'happy dance' turned around and walked back down to Silverstream, left my friend at her front gate then took the short cut back to home. I hate to admit this - though walking up BM Hill was easier than peddling up it! Though I won't use that as an excuse to stop using it for my cycling hill work. I've warned my biking buddy she may get a rude text in the morning if I struggle to get out of bed in the morning due to very sore leg and buttock muscles from the hill climb!

Anyway after a quick shower and change, then loading up with coffee and hot toast with avocado, I settled down in front of my pc to watch "Letters to Juliet" (DH was watching history channel - plus I wanted to blub freely!) What a lovely movie, it so makes you want to win the lottery, update your passport photo, throw a few clothes into a bag, pack the camera and get the first flight to Italy. I had tears streaming down my face at one point - it is such a lovely story.

On the quilting side of life... I think the quilting mojo is finally starting to reinvigorate itself - have sandwiched a lap quilt yesterday and started stippling it this morning - now off to make pasta for tea (italian reference) and then plan on working more on the quilt after dinner.

Hope you have all had a happy day.


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