Wednesday, 19 January 2011

more photo's from 1,700km trip :)

Just a 'few' of the steps ...
that you climb to see... East Cape Lighthouse - the most easterly point in the world!
This is East Island (Whangaokeno Island) - viewed from East Cape Lighthouse. Even though the day looks very overcast - believe me it was SO muggy and hot... by midday the clouds had been burnt away and the sky was brilliant blue.
Horses and their foals roamed freely along the East Cape Road ... this wee man decided to come very close to say hello.

Calves free grazing along the beach.

An abandoned house along East Cape Road.

Another day - another bay to visit - this time is Lottin Point (Wakatiri).

Another bay for DD2 to practice her kayaking skills.

Another new day and Onepoto Bay was the bay of choice.

Brilliant weather, and where my white skin glowed like a neon light!

More photo's soon...

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