Monday, 31 August 2009

Another duathlon under the belt :)

... A local event this time... so a sleep in and a later registration than what we'd been doing for the Marton events. This one was held at Trentham Memorial Park - and we were SO VERY LUCKY with the weather. It was so great to see so many kids enter the kids duathlon - I think there was an estimated 60 kids - some with their parents running and biking alongside them to encourage them. The 'senior' event had a smaller field, was great to do a mainly flat event - though I still am feeling it in the muscles today. Sis in law was way ahead of me... got her in my sights at the last part of the bike, and then off she took again on the run - by then I was walking as was seeing stars - for some reason really couldn't get the breathing into any sort of rhythm so ended up hyper ventaliating - (I'm sure I must look a right sight). Though got through it and clocked in unofficially 46 min 16 sec - just checked the website and the results still haven't been posted. And won another spot prize! This time came away with 2 tickets for the movies and a $10 voucher for Shoe Clinic - wahoo!

We aren't competing over September, though have to keep the training up and practice this running... so promise there will be more quilting/crafting going on to post about :)

So what did you do over the weekend???


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Hi, how's your week going?

What is happening with our weather, freezing cold tonight, feels like there will be snow on the hills again...

Went for a jog with DD1 last night - hadn't done any exercise for 8 days (feel like I'm confessing many sins!)... anyway we both did really well only walking the up-hills - tonight went out in the car to measure the distance it was 4.2kms - wow that was a good feeling. Now if there are any runners out there reading - would love to hear your hints on how to get the breathing into a rhythm - it took me right up until 3/4's of the way home to feel like I was finally running without labouring for breath...

On the stitching front, have been a little quiet, am working on a baby quilt panel sampler for Yvonne's shop - started with a hiss and a roar on Saturday night, plan on finishing the quilting tomorrow night, so then can add the binding and then handstitch the binding down on Friday night at Sawmiller's UFO. Plus the other WIPS are still waiting for the quilting fairy to wave her magic wand...

Perhaps things may be looking up on the job hunt as well, two agencies who have actually made contact in the last couple of days and wanted to find out more about me and my cv, they have forwarded position descriptions for jobs I may be interested in... fingers and toes are crossed my luck is turning and that the 'dream' job is just around the corner for me :)
Enjoy your week and happy stitching.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

SALE...Sawmillers Quiltery...SALE

Yvonne is hosting Barney's Birthday SALE this coming weekend... Barney is so excited and can't wait to meet you. I've been told there are some great bargains, and lots to tempt you :)

I get to come and play, as Yvonne has asked me to help out over the weekend... now the weather forecast isn't looking great for gardening, mall shopping, household chores and all that sort of stuff ---- however the weather is PERFECT for VISITING and SHOPPING for a BARGAIN at SAWMILLERS QUILTERY this weekend... and 'cause quilt shopping can be very thirsty work, Stonestead (right next door) has the best scones, homemade jam and delicious tea you can order, so you are revived before you head home with your fabulous purchases.

Looking forward to meeting you :)


Sunday, 9 August 2009

Survived the last duathlon in Rangitikei Active Series

Absolutely gorgeous day in Halcombe today... and we finished off the Rangitikei Duathlon series on a great note... both SiL and I beat our fastest times by 3-4 minutes... today I clocked in at 53:40 minutes and SiL did 50:47 - we were both very pleased. Here is the briefing and the first part of the run section - notice the hill - that's what they call 'undulating'!!
There were two 'mean' hills in the bike section - loved the downhill. The new slick tyres were different to bike on - though pleased that I'd had the mechanic (DH) change them from my usual mountain bike tyres :).
Next event looks like it might be a local one at the end of August ...
Hope you've had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunshine.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Whatcha up to?

Well I've been doing a little stitching, a bit of biking, a little jogging, took Kait's boyfriend for his first driving lesson, filled the cookie tins with home baking, and then just doing the daily grind at work, still job hunting for a permanent role and absolutely no new photo's to share with you...
Last duathlon this Sunday for the Rangitikei Winter series... very excited as I've now got 'slick' tyres for "Grace", DH (chief mechanic) kindly put the new tyres on tonight so hoping to get a short ride in on Saturday before head to SiL's.

Not much other news to share, so instead will leave a quote for the day instead...

"Ask not what your fabric can do for you, but what you can do for your fabric".