Thursday, 13 August 2009

SALE...Sawmillers Quiltery...SALE

Yvonne is hosting Barney's Birthday SALE this coming weekend... Barney is so excited and can't wait to meet you. I've been told there are some great bargains, and lots to tempt you :)

I get to come and play, as Yvonne has asked me to help out over the weekend... now the weather forecast isn't looking great for gardening, mall shopping, household chores and all that sort of stuff ---- however the weather is PERFECT for VISITING and SHOPPING for a BARGAIN at SAWMILLERS QUILTERY this weekend... and 'cause quilt shopping can be very thirsty work, Stonestead (right next door) has the best scones, homemade jam and delicious tea you can order, so you are revived before you head home with your fabulous purchases.

Looking forward to meeting you :)


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