Monday, 31 December 2012

31 December 2012...

It is so hard to believe that another year has passed by in such a blur.

I had great intentions of getting up early to go for a ride this morning, as the weather isn't looking to promising for the next couple of days, but the lure of my kindle and just chilling in bed reading was too great... perhaps a ride this afternoon.

Yesterday I was out with the Valley Cranks (my Sunday group) - we did a 92km ride and got caught in the heavy rain on the way home, luckily it was still relatively warm, though cycling 30kms in heavy rain to get home wasn't much fun.

Today being the last day of the year is often a time for reflection, for me its looking at all the quilting, stitching and knitting UFO's that are unfinished (still); the time in the garden that hasn't been spent (cycling is much more fun); the messy sewing corner that still hasn't been sorted...ah well there is always the coming year to tackle these :)

Whatever you're up to today for the last day of 2012 - enjoy.

I hope that 2013 brings you lots of blessings and great cheer, along with tackling some of that quilting to-do-list and setting yourself new challenges.


Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas crafting...

The good thing about Christmas is I seem to find my crafting mojo again albeit for a few weeks :D

Yesterday we were out past Red Rocks, on the bay diagonal to Karori Lighthouse, Chris was diving (yummo we had crayfish and paua for dinner); while Chris was diving I always scavenge the beach for heart-shaped rocks, and small washed up paua shells. I was on a mission to find similar sized shells to make a 'shell & bead string' with them.

Once we left the beach, we detoured to Made Marion, to visit gorgeous Maryanne and her hubby David, with a mission to buy wax coated thin twine and glass beads, and crimp thingees (to stop the beads moving on the twine).

This morning I washed the shells, left to dry in the wind! and then began the crafting this afternoon.

I went to hang on the wall outside of the bathroom, and realised I had no picture hooks :(  I will get some tomorrow and then post an updated photo of the completed 'shell & bead string'.  Am pretty pleased with the results.

Do you remember...

Who remembers these great cane baskets?

I spied it on TradeMe prior to Christmas, and thought - I just have to have this ... and I won, it cost the grand sum of $10.00 for such a fantastic basket (photo is from the auction).

The basket arrived yesterday, it is in perfect condition and will be great for my carrying my knitting to craft nights   :D

Happy holidays

Monday, 10 December 2012

Survived Taupo Cycle Challenge for another year...

Not sure who checks in on my blog any more as I'm so erratic at posting :(

However for those that were wondering... I did survive Taupo Cycle Challenge (160km) for another year and even managed to beat last years time by 22mins.

It was a ride of suffering & perseverance as for the first time experienced back spasms which started around 40km's into the ride, and then from around 100kms the quads just above the knees started having spasms every time I stood up on the pedals - thank goodness for 'cramp stop spray' that my riding buddy, Roger had on him.  Other than that, the butt survived, my bike went like a dream and no punctures (bonus), the weather was excellent (double bonus).

Just crossed the finish line (6hrs 22mins)

My great riding buddy, Roger :)

No rest over Christmas holidays, as am riding a 2-day tour in Martinborough end of January and then there is Graperide (6 April) where I am entering the magnum event (2 laps of the 101km course).