Saturday, 20 August 2011

Dazzling in Gold...

Kait looking dazzling, ready for Upper Hutt College's ball, being held at the Deloittes Lounge at Westpac Stadium, Wellington.

Totally out of focus I know...however it still looks pretty cool!

Kaitlyn and her boyfriend, Callum. Made by Andy's mum (Kristin's Florist, Upper Hutt)

Kaitlyn & Andy, her ball partner.

Obligatory photo's...

And proud dad...(hard to get a smile out of him for the camera!)

Kait looked amazing, so hoping she has the bestest of nights!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Snowing in Silvy...August version

from front door
looking down driveway

top of drive where you can park if you can get up the drive

looking down subdivision

looking up subdivision

empty section next door to us

as far as i got trying to get up drive

our house in the snow

front lawn

oh my! what is this white stuff

freezing paws!

Hope you are safe and warm...