Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Blog gifts have left the building...

My apologies to my Stitchers Angel blog swap partner (I have emailed you tonight to let you know it is finally on its way across the globe to you...). Thank you to Helen for organising the swap.

Phew, just made the deadline for ChookyBlue's SSCS09 - these goodies are on their way "across the ditch" to my blog swap partner. Thank you ChookyBlue for organising the swap again this year.

An apple a day...

... helps Diesel's teething pain (and saves our ankles!)

Who'd have thought a cold apple could provide so much entertainment, and gum relief for puppy. My girlfriend suggested we give it a go as she had done the same thing for her puppy! And it works - other suggestion was either raw corn on cob (or cooled cooked cob) and that too is really good for their gums and saves your ankles from being the chosen knawing item.
Diesel has a chew rope, a couple of DD2's old stuffed toys an egg carton (the knobbly part) for chewing and he's decided his other favourite chewing items are used plastic milk containers. In some ways these puppies are just like little children, the simpliest things provide them the greatest entertainment. My girls most favourite toys were the peg tin (and throwing the pegs all over the wooden floor, makes a great noise and the pegs scoot in all directions) and the cooking pots from the cupboard (they make great drums when using the wooden spoons or whisk on the pot bottoms).
Darling Bella thinks Diesel is a true imposter and really can't lower herself to spend any time in his company. Quarry cat is the smallest and sassiest of the cats and takes great delight at 'standing him down'. Licorice is a tease and torments Diesel, and Jazz is our weary one who hisses and spits if she even sniffs that he's in the same room.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Look who's been visiting for dinner...

The last 3 nights I've spotted 'hedgy' helping himself/herself to dinner from the cat's left over bikkies... last night I was quick enough to snap a very quick photo before he scurried away. He/she is rather cute and a very noisey eater, crunching away on the bikkies !

I know you've been waiting...

Here's our wee man...Diesel...
After a very long day of travel on Friday, he is now settling well into our home. Today he's full of spunk and mischief.
The cats are not impressed, they are still coming home for dinner and cuddles though they're mighty miffed that 'another' fur baby' has taken residence (especially the older 3 they were just getting used to my fluffy baby Bella).
Bella is appalled with this new creature, and the fact this is the first time she has seen this thing called a dog has totally upset her (poor darling Bella).
Have got all these great plans of getting so much done today :( and its now 3.15pm in the afternoon and so far can honestly say have only ticked off ... hmm... 2 off the things to do list. It is such a howling northerly here today, cold and the kind of day I can't get myself organised enough...
Oh the other great news... I've got a permanent full time job - starting 25th Jan 2010 - with IRD (Inland Revenue) as Personal Assistant to Group Manager Customer Products & Innovation (phew that's a long title)... am very excited and looking forward to starting. My current fixed term contract with Workbridge finishes on 15th Jan 2010 - so this is perfect timing for everyone.
Right my friends will sign off here to go and get a few more things finished on the to do list...

Hope you've had a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Our newest baby to the family...

Here is “Diesel” - he’ll be 7 wks on Friday.

He arrives from far far North on Friday evening (he’s coming on the plane with a work colleague from Whangarei – having been driven by another work colleague from KeriKeri that morning)

Ain’t he just the cutest – we all very excited - we haven't told the 4 cat's yet - thought we'd surprise them...eek!!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Night time photo's...

I saw these punga fronds while hanging out the washing yesterday morning, and thought... hmm might try and photograph these at night and see how they turn out :) Might experiment more with closeup night time photo's outside they turned out not too bad!

Then I spied one of my favourite rose buds had opened up - just love the candy stripe look of these petals :)

Have a happy day

Baby Quilt for customer finished...

For a customer at Sawmillers Quiltery... a baby quilt using Alpha Buddies fabric.

This is the front...

And I couldn't waste the leftovers so pieced a higgledy-piggedly back...

Great Grandma was very pleased, and so was the grand-daughter who's baby boy is due end of November :)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Julie & Julia

Not long back from going to the movies with Lesley, we saw Julie & Julia - this is a wonderful chick flick, and gives you an insight into the life of Julia before becoming 'famous'. The tale of Julie and her journey of finding out who she is, the blog that she wrote - and there really is a blog, I googled it : its a bit tricky to navigate around to find the entries after November 2002, however it is all there up to 2004 with an entry after Julie Child passed away two days shy of her 92nd birthday.

A great movie and well worth a look :)

Bon Appetite