Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Our newest baby to the family...

Here is “Diesel” - he’ll be 7 wks on Friday.

He arrives from far far North on Friday evening (he’s coming on the plane with a work colleague from Whangarei – having been driven by another work colleague from KeriKeri that morning)

Ain’t he just the cutest – we all very excited - we haven't told the 4 cat's yet - thought we'd surprise them...eek!!


Shiree said...

oh Julz, he is juts the cutest! What a wonderful addition to your family. Your girls, ... and your cats (???) will just love him to pieces. He might even help out with your quilting projects!

Suzi-q said...

he's so cute, he's a blue cattle dog?
look out cats you are about to take a backseat

Deb said...

Eek, dog alert Bella, watch out, make sure you keep him in line.
Miaow Frank, purr, purr.

Julz,he is so cute, how big does he grow?