Thursday, 24 February 2011

Thanks Jenny (Romany Quilting)

I had the absolute pleasure to meet a fellow blogger at the recent Stonestead 3rd Annual Outdoor Quilt Festival. I was busy snapping photo's and I heard my name called out, looking around, I met Jenny from Romany Quilting and her friend Jenni. It is always such a buzz to meet fellow bloggers in person. Stop by Jenny's blog to view some great photo's from the festival, see some of her gorgeous quilts, and meet Muffy, Jenny's beautiful cat :)

My Princess Jasmine

The girls had athletics day on Tuesday, the house colour is blue (Te Kanawha). Kait decided Princess Jasmine would be the perfect outfit... 2 weeks to make it (well actually 4 nights by the time I brought fabric, found a pattern to modify etc)... freaking out as haven't sewn clothes for such a long time... The pants were hot pants then the sheer pants over top attached to a fold-down waist. Monday night was altering & modifying the top, Kait made the scarf around her waist and stitched on all the gold cut-outs.

Kait not looking too impressed in these photos - it was 7.10am in the morning just before we were rushing out the door!

I don't have any photo's of Becky's outfit - bless her, she brought a cheap american basketball style top, and cap (in blue) and went as a gangster!

They both had an awesome day and the Princess Jasmine costume was a hit! phew


My thoughts are with Christchurch

I am feeling so incredibly sad for everyone in Christchurch over the horrible earthquake that has destroyed buildings and homes, physically and mentally hurt thousands of people, and taken away loved ones.

Listening to stories from people on the radio and seeing the pictures in newspapers and online break your heart. I can't even begin to imagine the sheer terror people must have felt on Tuesday, and I wonder and admire at the strength that they are now finding to literally pick up the pieces of their broken homes and lives and begin the long journey to rebuild.

There are amazing stories of rescues, the tireless effort of hundreds of volunteers both from the local community and from around the world. Today in Wellington there have been a number of emails of rallying together to donate items for people's personal use and new clothing - our business group are banding together and making up a huge box of goodies to drop off to the Wellington Relief Centre where people have been arriving from flights from Christchurch with nothing more than the clothes they are in, they are then registered, given a care package, have accommodation etc sorted for them. On hand for them are vicitim support, medical staff, etc

Kia Kaha
(stand strong)

Stonestead 3rd Annual Outdoor Quilt Festival

Stonesteads Outdoor Quilt Festival was held one week later than usual due to drizzling rain. Sunday 13th Feb dawned gray and overcast, though as the morning progressed and as the volunteers hung the quilts amongst the trees and in the paddock, the sun found its way through the gloom to create a stunning day.

Gold Coin donations were collected from visitors and I have a lovely full bucket of donations (just over $700) to deliver to Te Omanga Hospice - thank you to everyone who donated.

Below are a few photo's from a gorgeous day. Thank you to Kevin for providing such a wonderful setting, to Yvonne and her tireless committee and volunteers (you know who you are!) for creating such a wonderful event. And to the QUILTERS there is no festival without you - your creations are inspiring and show the love in every design and stitch.

More photo's soon.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

What's a girl to do...

... when the Stonestead Outdoor Quilt Festival gets postponed due to misty rain that just wouldn't go away, we packed the quilts away for safe keeping and did a silent SUN dance for next Sunday, 13th February, so that the Quilt Festival can go ahead & we can re-hang the quilts amongst the trees for all to see and admire!

Anyway what does a girl do... she goes and gets her weekly groceries on the way home from Stonestead, then joins hubby to walk in the rain around the American Car show at Trentham Race Course...

I do love those 57 Chev's...

Thunderbirds are go!
'72 Mopar
This lovely lass is the hood ornament for the car below.

When we got home after the car show, I finished stippling the lap quilt I've been working on. I'm now about to signoff from here (the blog) to go make the binding and sew it on, ready for handstitching tomorrow night at St*#ch & B*Tch (promise to show photo of quilt soon!).
Hope you've had a happy day :)