Thursday, 24 February 2011

Stonestead 3rd Annual Outdoor Quilt Festival

Stonesteads Outdoor Quilt Festival was held one week later than usual due to drizzling rain. Sunday 13th Feb dawned gray and overcast, though as the morning progressed and as the volunteers hung the quilts amongst the trees and in the paddock, the sun found its way through the gloom to create a stunning day.

Gold Coin donations were collected from visitors and I have a lovely full bucket of donations (just over $700) to deliver to Te Omanga Hospice - thank you to everyone who donated.

Below are a few photo's from a gorgeous day. Thank you to Kevin for providing such a wonderful setting, to Yvonne and her tireless committee and volunteers (you know who you are!) for creating such a wonderful event. And to the QUILTERS there is no festival without you - your creations are inspiring and show the love in every design and stitch.

More photo's soon.

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