Thursday, 24 February 2011

My thoughts are with Christchurch

I am feeling so incredibly sad for everyone in Christchurch over the horrible earthquake that has destroyed buildings and homes, physically and mentally hurt thousands of people, and taken away loved ones.

Listening to stories from people on the radio and seeing the pictures in newspapers and online break your heart. I can't even begin to imagine the sheer terror people must have felt on Tuesday, and I wonder and admire at the strength that they are now finding to literally pick up the pieces of their broken homes and lives and begin the long journey to rebuild.

There are amazing stories of rescues, the tireless effort of hundreds of volunteers both from the local community and from around the world. Today in Wellington there have been a number of emails of rallying together to donate items for people's personal use and new clothing - our business group are banding together and making up a huge box of goodies to drop off to the Wellington Relief Centre where people have been arriving from flights from Christchurch with nothing more than the clothes they are in, they are then registered, given a care package, have accommodation etc sorted for them. On hand for them are vicitim support, medical staff, etc

Kia Kaha
(stand strong)

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