Thursday, 24 February 2011

My Princess Jasmine

The girls had athletics day on Tuesday, the house colour is blue (Te Kanawha). Kait decided Princess Jasmine would be the perfect outfit... 2 weeks to make it (well actually 4 nights by the time I brought fabric, found a pattern to modify etc)... freaking out as haven't sewn clothes for such a long time... The pants were hot pants then the sheer pants over top attached to a fold-down waist. Monday night was altering & modifying the top, Kait made the scarf around her waist and stitched on all the gold cut-outs.

Kait not looking too impressed in these photos - it was 7.10am in the morning just before we were rushing out the door!

I don't have any photo's of Becky's outfit - bless her, she brought a cheap american basketball style top, and cap (in blue) and went as a gangster!

They both had an awesome day and the Princess Jasmine costume was a hit! phew



By Hoki Quilts said...

Well done Mum. Oh to be young again - actually I don't thing I had a figure like that when I was young, LOL.

Julz said...

Thanks Miche'le, I so know what you mean, as I don't recall having such a shape at her age either - she is a gorgeous young lady and I am very proud of both our girls :) xx