Saturday, 29 May 2010

By Hoki Quilts - 2nd Birthday

My blogging friend Miche'le is celebrating her quilt shop's 2nd birthday on 2 June ( and she is having a giveaway... pop on over to her blog for a visit and send her birthday wishes.

B4 to B6

My Dear Jane blocks had a surge of production last night... mainly because today is Quilt Club day, and I've made a promise to another member who is making a DJ Quilt by handpiecing (they are beautiful blocks). We decided a few months ago that we would make at least one block to show each other each month. Now I know that Doreen has been massively productive and has lots of blocks to show me... so last night I quickly whipped up 2 and 3/4 blocks (the other 1/4 of one still needs the diamonds hand appliqued, which I'll do at Club today).

So this one is B4 - Chris' Soccer Field:

This one is B5 - Hot Cross Buns (and still needs the diamonds hand appliqued):

And this one is B6 - Wild Goose Chase:

B6 should really be renamed Wonky Goose Chase (remembering the completed size of the unfinished blocks are 4 1/2 inches) - tiny pieces to fit through the machine and lots of pressing... a little lax in my thinking though I keep thinking in the grand scheme of things and the number of blocks that make up the centre of the DJ quilt - I think the wonky ones will blend in!

Today is also AGM time for Quilt Club, which means our current President will be farewelled (she has done a magic job of rejuvenating the spirit of the club) and welcoming in a new President and committee.

Today is a rather grim chilly day, too hazardous for skinny road bike tyres, am a little more cautious of wet roads now after my fall. So will plug in the earphones and sit on the bike attached to the indoor trainer for an hour (very boring, though helps keep the bike fitness). Tomorrow could be a mountain bike day am thinking either the river trail or Rimutaka Incline.

Have a great day.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Capital Quilters Silver Threads Exhibition

Here are a selection of some of the quilts that were on show last weekend at our quilt clubs 25th Anniversary. It was a wonderful weekend where we had 172 quilts, bags and 3D quilted objects on display.

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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Baby Quilt finished...

Stitched down the last of the binding tonight - phew a week ahead of schedule :)

This is a baby quilt made from the scrap box. I've made for my hairdresser who is expecting her first baby. My hair cut and colour is with her is next week (her final week before she takes leave), so I am looking forward to giving to her (along with the wee rabbit I made). Fingers are crossed she will like the quilt and use it :)

Update: My hairdresser and her partner had their baby girl 19 May (3 wks early) - baby and mom are doing great. And my hairdresser loved the quilt!

Now I need to get cracking and make two hanging sleeves and attach to the two quilts that I'm entering into the Capital Quilters Exhibition - we need to hand in the quilts on Sunday ... love working under pressure!!

Thank you too for the kind thoughts and wishes, after I told my tale of the bucking bike! The bruises are coming out in their glory and the boob is less sore! Still haven't been brave enough to try out the new shoes and clip pedals... got side-tracked helping DD2 with homework tonight... well that's my excuse!

Tomorrow night am going to see Allyson Gofton at a charity evening (for Te Omanga Hospice), Allyson is promoting her new cookbook "slow".

Righto "The Good Wife" has just started... gotta go!


Sunday, 2 May 2010

Ouch...that hurt!

... well the day had to come I guess, wet road, road tyres (smooth, no grip), me wanting to go in one direction, the bike deciding another direction was way more fun... result - Julz in a hurtling heap. OUCH it hurt so bad, and I wasn't even going that fast when it happened. Yup had my first fall off the bike this morning and I can vouch "I am a sissy" I landed on my right side - winded myself to the point of seeing stars and thought I busted a rib. Goodness knows how I didn't put holes in my clothing, as I slid to a halt I managed to scrap my knee, elbow, hip and my right boob is so damn sore, oh and banged the head (helmet worked a treat). My right hand took a good impact and I now need new gloves - thank goodness for the gel sponges in the base of the gloves they did their job and protected my hands good.

How on earth did I manage to end up on a heap on the side of the road! Well this mornings bike was with DH and he hasn't been out for ages (on his bike!) and was feeling the need for coffee - so we decided to detour to my sisters, crossing the road to go up the driveway (a few houses down from their place) going up the kerb of the driveway my bike had different thoughts, and decided to slide off the kerb along the edge and spit me off the bike!

So after catching my breath, we walked to my sisters, had a reviving coffee, checked my bike was okay and then biked home. I just know am going to wake up feeling very stiff and bruised tomorrow!

This afternoon picked up the bike shoes, cleats and pedals and had them attached to the bike, so I guess I will be testing these out on the indoor trainer and on the school field to make sure I can unclip my feet from the pedals in a hurry before venturing out on the road!