Saturday, 29 May 2010

B4 to B6

My Dear Jane blocks had a surge of production last night... mainly because today is Quilt Club day, and I've made a promise to another member who is making a DJ Quilt by handpiecing (they are beautiful blocks). We decided a few months ago that we would make at least one block to show each other each month. Now I know that Doreen has been massively productive and has lots of blocks to show me... so last night I quickly whipped up 2 and 3/4 blocks (the other 1/4 of one still needs the diamonds hand appliqued, which I'll do at Club today).

So this one is B4 - Chris' Soccer Field:

This one is B5 - Hot Cross Buns (and still needs the diamonds hand appliqued):

And this one is B6 - Wild Goose Chase:

B6 should really be renamed Wonky Goose Chase (remembering the completed size of the unfinished blocks are 4 1/2 inches) - tiny pieces to fit through the machine and lots of pressing... a little lax in my thinking though I keep thinking in the grand scheme of things and the number of blocks that make up the centre of the DJ quilt - I think the wonky ones will blend in!

Today is also AGM time for Quilt Club, which means our current President will be farewelled (she has done a magic job of rejuvenating the spirit of the club) and welcoming in a new President and committee.

Today is a rather grim chilly day, too hazardous for skinny road bike tyres, am a little more cautious of wet roads now after my fall. So will plug in the earphones and sit on the bike attached to the indoor trainer for an hour (very boring, though helps keep the bike fitness). Tomorrow could be a mountain bike day am thinking either the river trail or Rimutaka Incline.

Have a great day.


Kayjay said...

Wow, Julz I saw you working on these today but had to leave before the meeting finished. Sounds a bit much like hard work for me!! Thanks for visiting My Fat Quarter!

MrsC said...

Dear Jane, sorry but I went blind making your darn quilt! LOL! Really, they are beautiful things and I admire such patience! I wanted to bring some handsewing but everything is so topsy turvy here, there's no way I can be so organised. And there wasn't time anyway.
Adie's a hard act to follow eh!