Sunday, 2 May 2010

Ouch...that hurt!

... well the day had to come I guess, wet road, road tyres (smooth, no grip), me wanting to go in one direction, the bike deciding another direction was way more fun... result - Julz in a hurtling heap. OUCH it hurt so bad, and I wasn't even going that fast when it happened. Yup had my first fall off the bike this morning and I can vouch "I am a sissy" I landed on my right side - winded myself to the point of seeing stars and thought I busted a rib. Goodness knows how I didn't put holes in my clothing, as I slid to a halt I managed to scrap my knee, elbow, hip and my right boob is so damn sore, oh and banged the head (helmet worked a treat). My right hand took a good impact and I now need new gloves - thank goodness for the gel sponges in the base of the gloves they did their job and protected my hands good.

How on earth did I manage to end up on a heap on the side of the road! Well this mornings bike was with DH and he hasn't been out for ages (on his bike!) and was feeling the need for coffee - so we decided to detour to my sisters, crossing the road to go up the driveway (a few houses down from their place) going up the kerb of the driveway my bike had different thoughts, and decided to slide off the kerb along the edge and spit me off the bike!

So after catching my breath, we walked to my sisters, had a reviving coffee, checked my bike was okay and then biked home. I just know am going to wake up feeling very stiff and bruised tomorrow!

This afternoon picked up the bike shoes, cleats and pedals and had them attached to the bike, so I guess I will be testing these out on the indoor trainer and on the school field to make sure I can unclip my feet from the pedals in a hurry before venturing out on the road!


By Hoki Quilts said...

Ouch, you poor wee thing, and then you had to get back on to go home? Blow that, I'm a sissy.
gentle hugs, Miche'le

Ali Honey said...

Sorry to here of your fall. You had to get up and ride home so I guess that is a bit like getting back on the horse etc. I hope the hurt is helped by a long hot shower or bath and it heals very soon. Be thankful it wasn't worse( front teeth, broken arm or anything ).I'm sending healing wishes your way. Ali.

Maree: said...

Sorry to hear of your Fall..sounds like lots of R & R needed for You...Take Care.

Shiree said...

oh ouch indeed, I fell from my bike on gravel in Germany just before a long train ride to Paris, looked terrible as scrapped all down my chin after a marvellous face plant. Take a lovely warm relaxing bath to rest out all those sore bits!