Sunday, 1 January 2012

12 x 12 challenge...

A few from my Thursday night quilting group of girlfriends (Kwilting Katz) have taken up a challenge set by Shirley and Sandra for a 12 x 12 challenge.  There are 12 themes (politics, pollution, light, picasso, impressionist art, puzzle, insects, identity, recycled, water, journeys, and technology).

This is my first block : IDENTITY : the hand is me holding my family (husband and daughters, and reflects their Maori heritage), within the hand is a stitched heart with four "x" representing each of us.  Hanson was my maiden name, and Manu is our family name.

The second block is JOURNEYS : this represents my journey in cycling, the trees for the outdoors and the slight incline for the hills I've climbed in life and continue to climb in cycling :)

I will share more as I complete the blocks - they are to be finished by May 2012 so I've got to get busy.  Block 3 is underway :)



Happy New Year ... may 2012 bring you peace, good fortune, happiness
and lots of fun and laughter.