Friday, 30 March 2012


Heading up to Palmerston North shortly to pick up my new car :)

Have a happy Friday.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

She's ready to race

Bike now all ready for Graperide next Sat. 101km of fun. Blenheim to Picton and back. The new red and black tyres look good.

Update:  Graperide was fantastic - last year did 3hrs 52mins - this year did 3hrs 33mins.  Unfortunately it rained through Queen Charlotte Sounds - so this definitely slowed us all up as road got very greasy on the down hills.  Bike was excellent, no punctures, no dramas - except wicked butt cramp that travelled down my hamstring for the last 30kms of ride :(

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Some Good News...Made on Marion

Here is some exciting news a good friend of mine Maryanne Cathro will be taking ownership from 1 April 2012; of a fab craft business which she has renamed : Made on Marion (formerly Goldings Handcrafts)

You can also "Like" her on facebook - here is the link :

Maryanne, I wish you all the best, am so excited for you and looking forward to the opening on the 1st April :)


What a weekend...

The following photo's will be upsetting to all FORD lovers...

For a day that was meant to end by being in Tauranga to attend a friend's sons 21st - we didn't make it past Taupo.  After hubby and I enjoying a lovely lunch watching the world go by and the little P class yachts on the lake, we decided it was time to get back on the road... we were heading North out of Taupo and the silver car below decides to pull out of the Acacia Bay/Kinloch intersection (Poihipi Rd) straight into oncoming traffic to try and head south... we were in the fast lane accelerating up the hill, a car was next to us in the left lane, we see the silver car so hubby backs off the accelerator and starts breaking, the bloody silver car isn't even looking and keeps on driving out at about 40km, hubby tried to go into the left lane, though car right beside us, so we had absolutely no where to go except hard breaking and hoping an angel was watching over us, and then we smashed into her car...

So my beloved Ford which I've had for about 13 years, and has caused me no grief other that its usual maintenance is absolutely buggered.  We are thankful no broken bones or shedding of blood.  The lady who caused the crash was fine except for a small cut on her finger, and she has admitted complete fault both to us and the Police.  The Police are charging her with careless driving.  

We got driven back to Taupo with Policeman Steve, what a decent guy - so incredibly helpful.  We had to hire a car, then phoned the birthday boy to say the day was over for us, and we decided to head back home to our girls.

Today we've woken with stiff necks and my right hand knuckles are sore where I must have whacked the dash, though all in all we are all good.  This morning put the insurance wheels in motion, so hoping to have an outcome by the end of the week so we can then work out what on earth to do about replacing my car.  Am so guttered as I had no intention of replacing her for a long time yet.  

After already having 2 weeks of major appliances going through various stages of repair I think we've done our dash and good things must come our way soon.

Hope your weekend has been a better one :)