Monday, 28 November 2011

Reflecting back...

I just did a bit of a comparison of photo's - from Taupo 2010 - to Taupo 2011 and the massive change in myself... the journey of endurance cycling has only just begun :)

Sunday, 27 November 2011

So excited...

What a weekend, the trip to Taupo on Thursday was rain and wind.  Arrived in Moutapa where we had rented a friends batch and it was still miserable.  Friday dawned really windy, the lake looked like Wellington harbour on a very windy, choppy day.  Registration pack was picked up, girls went shopping, sushi was had for lunch then we decided to go to Rotorua, for Chris to check out the CAT (heavy machinery) museum, whilst us girls shopped some more :)

Saturday morning dawned and it was beautiful clear blue sky from the bedroom window, went outside and it was WINDY - dang!  The starting marshall was warning riders of the 34knot winds and to be extra careful around the western side of Lake Taupo... all I can say is thank goodness with Gearshifters we have trained in all weather (including Wellington gale force winds)... The first 90kms are hill after hill and head winds that almost stopped you in your tracks or blew you across the road.  Stopped at the 90km mark to send Chris and girls the text to get ready to go to Moutapa (125km mark) intersection to meet me with the fresh cold bottles of drink, it was a very quick stop as I was on a mission.  Then 1hr 30 odd minutes later I came through the finishing chute and no family were there :(  They weren't expecting me to get there that early!  Chris was still driving into Taupo and the girls (and Kait's boyfriend Callum) were having  a cold drink at Subway... they were excited that I bet them, though guttered they'd missed the photo's of me coming through the chute (and I'd sprinted too!)

Anyhoo... I bet last years time (9hrs 4mins) by 2hrs 21 mins !!  My time for this year in that awful wind was 6hrs 44mins.  So very pleased - goal for next years event is to get under 6 hours :)

Race NoEntry NameEventRegionTimeSplit1Split2Split3Split4PlaceGenderGend PlaceDivisionDiv Place
191Julie ManuSoloWellington6:44:233:27:043:02:4314:362808Female28335-4492

And to top it all off, had a great breakfast with Rob and Kathy this morning, then Rob took us for a scenic flight over Taupo in his helicopter - such a buzz.  Will load photo's tomorrow :)

Hope you too have had an epic weekend.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

So its been nearly a year...

Hard to believe that it has been nearly a year since my first Taupo Cycle Challenge... the house is clean and tidy for the house-sitter (minding the cats), the bags and food are packed, am just waiting my turn for the shower, then its load up the van, and don't forget the bike... drop of Diesel to the kennels then we are off to Taupo :)

One year later, I'm nearly 15kgs lighter (completely revamped the diet), took my training a whole lot more seriously and included strength training to build up the legs (hence why there are hardly any crafty postings!), and alot fitter. I'm on a mission this year to get under 6hrs 30mins for 160kms around the lake on Saturday. (Last year it was a 9hr torture test). My trainers reckon I can do sub 6 hours - eek - will depend on the tailwinds I reckon!

Will load a post when I get home on Sunday to let you know how it all went :)

Have a great weekend.