Saturday, 20 August 2011

Dazzling in Gold...

Kait looking dazzling, ready for Upper Hutt College's ball, being held at the Deloittes Lounge at Westpac Stadium, Wellington.

Totally out of focus I know...however it still looks pretty cool!

Kaitlyn and her boyfriend, Callum. Made by Andy's mum (Kristin's Florist, Upper Hutt)

Kaitlyn & Andy, her ball partner.

Obligatory photo's...

And proud dad...(hard to get a smile out of him for the camera!)

Kait looked amazing, so hoping she has the bestest of nights!


Jenny said...

What a beautiful girl, in a stunning dress. Congratulations Mum.

Ali Honey said...

Oh how beautiful she looks.

What about all that snow you had down there WOW!

Yvonne & Kevin said...

She looked beautiful, the dress looked even better than your description.