Monday, 31 December 2012

31 December 2012...

It is so hard to believe that another year has passed by in such a blur.

I had great intentions of getting up early to go for a ride this morning, as the weather isn't looking to promising for the next couple of days, but the lure of my kindle and just chilling in bed reading was too great... perhaps a ride this afternoon.

Yesterday I was out with the Valley Cranks (my Sunday group) - we did a 92km ride and got caught in the heavy rain on the way home, luckily it was still relatively warm, though cycling 30kms in heavy rain to get home wasn't much fun.

Today being the last day of the year is often a time for reflection, for me its looking at all the quilting, stitching and knitting UFO's that are unfinished (still); the time in the garden that hasn't been spent (cycling is much more fun); the messy sewing corner that still hasn't been sorted...ah well there is always the coming year to tackle these :)

Whatever you're up to today for the last day of 2012 - enjoy.

I hope that 2013 brings you lots of blessings and great cheer, along with tackling some of that quilting to-do-list and setting yourself new challenges.


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