Sunday, 9 August 2009

Survived the last duathlon in Rangitikei Active Series

Absolutely gorgeous day in Halcombe today... and we finished off the Rangitikei Duathlon series on a great note... both SiL and I beat our fastest times by 3-4 minutes... today I clocked in at 53:40 minutes and SiL did 50:47 - we were both very pleased. Here is the briefing and the first part of the run section - notice the hill - that's what they call 'undulating'!!
There were two 'mean' hills in the bike section - loved the downhill. The new slick tyres were different to bike on - though pleased that I'd had the mechanic (DH) change them from my usual mountain bike tyres :).
Next event looks like it might be a local one at the end of August ...
Hope you've had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunshine.


Shiree said...

Well done Jules, Good on you girl!!!

The Quilt Buddy said...

Yeah! Way to go and you should feel so proud of yourself!