Monday, 31 August 2009

Another duathlon under the belt :)

... A local event this time... so a sleep in and a later registration than what we'd been doing for the Marton events. This one was held at Trentham Memorial Park - and we were SO VERY LUCKY with the weather. It was so great to see so many kids enter the kids duathlon - I think there was an estimated 60 kids - some with their parents running and biking alongside them to encourage them. The 'senior' event had a smaller field, was great to do a mainly flat event - though I still am feeling it in the muscles today. Sis in law was way ahead of me... got her in my sights at the last part of the bike, and then off she took again on the run - by then I was walking as was seeing stars - for some reason really couldn't get the breathing into any sort of rhythm so ended up hyper ventaliating - (I'm sure I must look a right sight). Though got through it and clocked in unofficially 46 min 16 sec - just checked the website and the results still haven't been posted. And won another spot prize! This time came away with 2 tickets for the movies and a $10 voucher for Shoe Clinic - wahoo!

We aren't competing over September, though have to keep the training up and practice this running... so promise there will be more quilting/crafting going on to post about :)

So what did you do over the weekend???



Shiree said...

my, you are a machine Julz, really taking this very seriously huh, I really hope to get back into more regular running and cycling once I get to Twizel,

MrsC said...

Wow I didn't know about this other side of you Julz! :) Very cool hobby to have.