Saturday, 15 January 2011

1,700 kms...round trip...

For the first week of January we went on a road trip. We had house sitters minding the four cats, Diesel was dropped off to the kennels. The ute, trailer and kayaks were packed, along with sunblock, sandfly spray, lots of food and drink.

First stop was Napier for the night and testing out the kayaks in the estuary and watching an amazing sunset.

Tuesday dawned blue sky and very hot - our destination was Hicks Bay - stops along the way included Gisborne for fuel and lunch... then Tolaga Bay to check out the old wharf.

Then back in the ute and next toilet stop was Tokomaru Bay - and fancy that another old wharf to check out - along with an old wool warehouse and some relics left abandoned.
Then it was back in the car - next stop was Tikitiki where Chris caught up with an Aunty he hadn't seen for 20+ years. It was lucky she had only returned from Wellington that morning and was only at the house for a few days!
By 6pm that evening we finally arrived into Hicks Bay... more next posting.


Chookyblue...... said...

looks beautiful........

Jenny said...

It's great around the East Coast, isn't it, like being in another world. Wonder if your next post about the holiday shows you walking up all those 800 steps to the lighthouse?

Meredith said...

i so want to go on a mini vaycay now. just for a few hours to somewhere beachy/warmish. is that too much to ask?? hhaaa, fun pics! ;)