Sunday, 23 January 2011

Where's Summer?

This is the view from my front lawn today! Cold, Grey, Raining - where has summer gone?

Poor Bella - wet, cold and thinking she's hungry!
Beginning the long process of licking herself dry - though I did give her a towel rub after this photo :)
What! why did you wake me up - Licorice in one of his favourite sleeping spots.
About to sandwich a lap quilt together from the UFO pile - 2011 is going to be a time to get that UFO pile back into a more realistic sense of order .... yeah right!
Hope you having a lovely day.


Shiree said...

it's at our place today Julz~

By Hoki Quilts said...

Hi Julz, you know I think most of us have said this is the year we are going to get those flimsies of ours quilted. I started off really well, but hey, my staying power is not the best, LOL. good luck with yours.

Marls said...

Summer is here in the South-have spent the weekend in the garden. Have to admit to sunburn as well!!

Deb said...

Well we had a lovely day, sorry girls. Did you feel the quake in Marlborough today Julz, apparently some in Wellington did?

Julz said...

You ladies were so lucky... the sun has finally broken through the rain clouds around 5pm tonight! Hugs Jx

Farm Girl said...

Hi Julz, have had the most gorgeous few days in Te Anau, have to admit to getting burnt too, very(literally) redfaced about that! lol
Have loved looking at your pics of your trip - beautiful!