Tuesday, 11 January 2011

2nd day...

What happened to the holidays?

2nd day back at the office... great to see my work mates and catchup on their holiday news, however not enjoying the early alarm wakeup, mad dash to the train, long day away from the sunshine and fresh air, mad dash back to the train then home to chores etc

How quickly we get back on the hamster wheel and holidays feel like a lifetime ago...

Have lots of holiday pic's to post will do that next couple of days :)

Yay 'hump' day Wednesday tomorrow - half way thru the week!



By Hoki Quilts said...

Hang in ther kiddo, just a few more sleeps and you can have a couple of days off *wink*.

Shiree said...

I have a really great boss, you need one like her..!!

Ali Honey said...

When I jump on my tractor and go to work down the orchard I will give you a thought and realise being my own boss does have advantages.
Keep smiling....I guess you get paid?........that's the good part.

Deb said...

You get back into the swing of things far too quickly Julz, itz like you never left.