Friday, 10 July 2009

Catching up on things

Has been a great day of catching up on things... had today off work, and went to the Optomerist to get the eye-warrant-of-fitness - left eye pretty much the same - Tim only gets the left lense at 40% of what is required as if I got it for the full strength required it would be at least a finger thick (not a pretty look!!) the left eye only provides a light bit of sight so that's why its not a biggie with the lesser strength. The right eye has gone from short sighted to more on the long sighted side of things over the past four years.

Overall Tim said I could now 'legally' (driving) not wear glasses as I can read the bottom line of the eye chart - however 38 years of wearing glasses (first pair when I was 3) its hard to break old habits and comfort zones.

The good news is... am getting funky new frames, with a slight tweak to the left eye and a change in lense type for the right eye - it will be a 'fatigue' lense whereby the majority of the lense is perfect for the long distance, and looking down it will be slightly stronger to help with the close up stuff (reading, stitching) - they aren't graduated or bi-focals - he said I'm not ready for that yet - PHEW !! Now have to be patient and wait a week :) Hey Deb may have them to show off to you when I get to meet you Shiree and Carole next Sunday - wahoo.

Then got DD2 new(old) mobile connected to her old number (her other mobile is disappeared into the abiss in our house somewhere and hasn't been seen for 3 weeks...

After lunch decided I should de-grease & lube the gearing and chain on "Grace" - she's now all ready for Sunday - Duathlon #3 in Marton - the weather forecast at the moment is South Easterlies and low temp - so yeah - really looking forward to this chill factor :)
You may have noticed I have taken off the 'member' only status on my blog (so you can see my blog without having to log-in) - have been missing the casual bloggers who would pass by and leave their comments occasionally - so in future I'll just be careful what one says so it doesn't get mis-interpreted in the 'real' world.

The downside today, heard back from the MD for a job that I was so wanting to get... their part-time staff member has decided to take on the role that I had been vying for... the MD did say that if it didn't work out and she did decide fulltime wasn't for her, I'd be the first person he'd call to see if I'd still be interested in the job... was feeling very bummed as so wanted this one.... Oh well - the right job will come along - just have to keep sending in the CV's and cover letters - it is such a hard market to find a new job :(

The upside of today... have UFO night with the quilt club - am planning on putting together the Block 5 of Butterfly Garden BOM - actually I should be working on this now instead of catching up with you guys!! I'll make a start soon...

Hope you've been having a happy day.


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