Saturday, 4 July 2009

A productive day...

Had a lovely sleep-in this morning, one plus of the alarm clock not having to be set for an ungodly hour for DH to go to work. Saturday's have been cut from his working week as part of the "recession" (don't you dispise this word!) - though fingers are crossed this is only for the short term.

So after jumping out of bed at 8.45am - I decided to brave a quick jog around the blog - slowly getting better - oh how I envy the people that I see jogging like it has no impact whatsoever on their breathing, shins or bodies... I guess perserverance is what is going to be the winner in the long term... then eventually that will have an effect on my fitness and running ability :) When got home then jumped on my bike (via the indoor trainer). Am keeping fingers and toes crossed that tomorrows weather will not be as forecasted (wet & cold) as my friend "the quilting vet" and I are planning on going for a long ride around Whiteman's Valley in the morning.

Next duathlon is next Sunday - in Marton - round 3 - and the time I've got to beat is my time from round 2 - 57:07.

Today I had the pleasure of quilt-sitting for Yvonne at Sawmillers. Yvonne was off judging the Ballroom champs in Lower Hutt - so I got to play with her new fabrics, chat with the customers and thankfully ring up a few sales on her till :) I also picked up my "challenge pack" to start getting creative with my entry for the 2nd Stonestead Quilt Festival in Feb 2010. Hmm I think I've got my design sorted already...

While quilt-sitting, I managed to finish the 2nd block of Gail Pan's BOM... "Merry" - these are so quick and fun to do.

Hope you have had a happy day :)


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