Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sunrise this morning...

Isn't this a wonderful way to wake up in the morning - well this was at 7.15am this morning - sun starting to rise, still low mist in the valley - gorgeous :)
And just because I didn't have any other stitching projects to work on.... have started Gail Pan's BOM - check out link on right hand side of my blog... did this tonight at stitching with the girls whilst we shared quite a few laughs and had the most yummiest ginger cake - mmmm

How was your day??


Yvonne said...

Hi Julie,
Love the pics, you are clever, I keep forgetting to take my camera home!
See you at CQ's tomorrow

Shiree said...

Hey great sunrise, I always mean to take a photo early in the morning from our bathroom, but get sidetracked drying my hair, or putting on my makeup etc, or then rowing man comes in gets in my way, and I forget. These are wonderful pikkies, thank you for sharing...

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Beautiful photos as always!

loulee said...

Hmm, seems my blog lost contact with yours, here's me thinking you were quiet and all along you've been gossiping away.
Great stitching.