Friday, 12 June 2009

Where do the nights go...

Hi, yes I'm still about - the nights and weekends seem to be disappearing on me... have just spent the last couple of hours catching up on "bloglines" so I can catchup with all the blogs I follow - it continually amazes me (and impresses me beyond belief) how much craftiness and completion of projects some of you ladies achieve - I am in awe :)

Unfortunately I haven't any crafty photo updates for you... however I am going to a sterling silver jewellery class for the day tomorrow - very excited about that - so will take my camera to get some arty shots to share...

Sunday is the 2nd duathlon in Marton, Sis-in-law and I have decided to do the medium course - 2km run, 10km bike and 1.5km run - we got caught out last month thinking that undulating countryside was just that undulating... in fact in places it was bloody steep... the distance for this course is similar to what we did in April for our very first duathlon so will be interesting to see if we improve our times :) here's hoping.

Wishing you all a lovely restful weekend, keep warm.


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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope the jewellery class went well! Good luck in the marathon:)