Saturday, 24 April 2010

Photo's from my Mobile...

This morning I finally worked out how to download photo's from my mobile to the pc LOL !

Unfortunately the quality of the photo's is pretty yuck, though these are the snaps I've taken when I've forgotten or couldn't take my camera (am thinking I need to invest in a pocket model!)

DD2 on the RIGHT! and the Wellington Saints Basketball mascot. This was DD2 first time going to watch a live game, she had such a great time.

This is from last Sunday's bike ride around the Eastbourne coast, past pencarrow lighthouse, past pencarrow lodge this is looking back at to where we had biked to and stopped for lunch - almost to the point onthe right!

This is where we parked for lunch...

DH checking out the view looking back to where we started from. The point to the far left is where you would find pencarrow lighthouse - was a great semi flat road - very fast riding - took us an hour to get to our lunch destination from the car.

This is the Pheonix game we went and watched a few months ago - this is the 'yellow zone' rowdy bunch and so much fun.

Stunningly hot day at the stadium - and my gorgeous girls :)
Had a gorgeous bike ride this morning 45.9 kms - the rain didn't arrive and there was hardly any wind. Stopped into a local bike shop and have sorted out which bike shoes and clips to buy. So roll on payday!
Working on the baby quilt tonight after dinner so will post photo's tomorrow.

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