Monday, 12 April 2010

Feeling stiff today !

I currently reading Kerre Woodham's book "Short Fat Chick to Marathon Runner", and in the book she talks about seeing her photo from her first 1/2 marathon... I can so relate to her thoughts... I wait in anticipation to see the photo's from the events and then feel so shamed when I see them... on the plus side I look slightly thinner than last years event, though still look so pained and ugh! I'm not writing this for compliments, as I know I scrub up okay with a bit of effort and makeup - I just so wish I looked like I was enjoying it (inside I am) just on the outside I look so pained!

Anyway these are the official photo's ... the first one is on the way back from the first run leg...

Digging deep to make up time on the bike section - and cripes the hips are letting me know today - they are so stiff!

Yay the finish line is just about crossed and even a wee smile :)



Deb said...

Loving that big smile in the last photo Julz.
hugs Deb

kiwicarole said...

Well done you!! That's what I say. You look much better than I would if I were doing that! LOL

Shiree said...

well done you!! what a feat and I am sure that you are really proud of your self!!!