Sunday, 11 July 2010

Not much quilting going on...

The posts are very few and far between at the moment... Have not been very productive of late, working a little more on the secret project and working on the Butterfly Garden BOM blocks, and working on another quilt top though nothing of note to show.

I did knit some fingerless gloves a few weeks back - these are excellent for those frosty mornings on the train - can still read my book and turn the pages LOL though the hands are kept warm and toastie. I haven't used those double ended needles before - you use 4 at a time - was a bit of a confusion to get started though after knitting three gloves I got a perfect pair!

Today DH helped his Dad split more wood (they had 6 huge gum trees felled a few weeks ago that were leaning over the road) - so while they did that I went for a bike ride - 39km on rolling Masterton backroads - was gorgeous as the Tararua ranges where snow covered - though was freezing, by the time I got back to their house my feet were like blocks of ice. Yummy hot shower and delicious lunch got the blood circulating again in no time.

You would think after a day of Diesel playing with my Mum-in-law's dog he'd be tuckered out - he still has enough energy to have a round or two with Bella!

And to finish of today's post... my darling, gorgeous girls, photo taken a few weeks ago when DD2 (on the left) turned 13. DD1 (on the right) turns 16 next Sunday... my how time seems to fly by.
Hope you've had a lovely weekend.


Deb said...

Meow, hello Bella, looking good.

prrrrr love Frank.

Julz, the girls are lovely looking young ladies. They grow up too quickly don't they, hard to think it was a year ago almost when we were going to catch up in Levin. Great idea with the fingerless gloves.

kiwicarole said...

Hey Julz, happy monday!!
It's not raining!!

fingerless gloves are great, I have some too, but not clever enough to knit them myself :))

. said...

Hi Julz,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope your training goes well. The cold weather really puts me off going out but hey, spring is around the corner. Don't hold your breath though.