Saturday, 8 September 2007

8th September 2007

Hello people; tonight is my first time signing in and creating a blog :) A little scary really.

I have been enjoying lots of people's blogs from the craft blogsphere - and am loving their content and photo's. Provides you with lots of inspiration for your own crafts.

I started quilting only in the last 3 years - and have quickly become addicted. I am currently working on an original designed Japanese themed quilt for my husband; and also an art quilt (based on Susan Carlson's teachings) of a Paua shell amongst rocks, this is still very much in progress...

Here are some stitcheries that I have in our local arts and crafts fair that is on this weekend at Pinehaven School... two of them sold on opening night - was very pleased - am at the fair tomorrow as a 'spotter/helper' so will be checking to see if the others have also sold :)

Look forward to chatting more with you soon.
Julz x


Jozelles said...

Julz the paua is coming along nicely! Keep the new photos coming.

Julz said...

Thanks Jozelles - is a labour of love - though looking really good and am stoked with the progress :)

Ulla said...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! The other side of the world! The photos are very nice, love them! Also the quilts are fantastic! Have a nice day!