Saturday, 6 October 2007

Young Lady Visitor...

Yesterday morning we were woken by a young lady who had lost her way - she landed on our front lawn quacking away and wandering around outside our bedroom window, then headed around the side of the house... she stayed around for a wee bit - then must have heard her mates calling her and off she flew - very cute... one way to get the oldest daughter out of bed early on her last day of school holidays.

Here's our young visitor mid-quack...

Today caught up with Steph, who I don't get to see that often, had a lovely lunch at Palmers Garden Centre, an awesome long gossip, browsed through their plants and ferreted amongst their gift items - they had Christmas decorations out for sale already - aargh - I've still got Christmas crafts that I haven't completed yet for the tree...

Tomorrow morning heading off with Sandra and Shirley to SusanClaire @ Toad Hall as is the last day of Susan's quilting fabric sale - ooh temptation, though I'm on a mission to get the fat 1/4's for our club monthly raffles well that is my excuse :)

Though it has been very windy today - it was SO NICE to finally see blue sky and feel some warmth in the sun, after having a week of rain and cold weather.

Better rescue the chicken am cooking for dinner and make the salad.

Hugs J x

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