Sunday, 24 February 2008

Well the quilts are finished...

...Its been a few long nights and weekends - though have finished the items placing in our quilt club's exhibition... have entered Chris' quilt (now named KIMONO); Woodland Santa (doll section); Autumn Leaves (challenge); Paua (3D, Innovative).

Here's a sneak peak of the Paua and Autumn Leaves I forgot to take a photo of Kimono before defluffing and packing away to take to register so will take photo's when it is hanging at the exhibition...

Now that I have 4 things finished - I can work away on some other UFO's waiting for completion... I have two quilt tops ready to sandwich and start quilting - so these will be my next items - and get back to my studies :)
Here is a lovely pic of my girls on their first day of heading off to intermediate and college - they are settling in so well and they look so grown up...

Here is a lovely quote that caught my eye...

Always. Unconditionally.
Follow your own heart.
Understand that persistence, hard work, and determination are the keys to success.
* Barbara Cage
Have a wonderful week, and look forward to placing more regular posts :)
Love Julz xox


Anonymous said...

eat photo of the girls.
I bet Kaitlyn thinks her footwear is "uncool". Can just about hear her say "I'm not wearing them things"!!
Just about as bad as my days when we had to wear grey bloomers!!
Have a good week.....Aunty Witch

Anonymous said...

Your quilts are as always beautiful.

I am sure I wore "those" sandels to college some 52 years ago - Unlike Aunty witch I had black bloomers and a gym frock. The girls look lovely and so grown up.