Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A busy last few days...

Gosh it seems like it has been all go around here the last few days... DH came up the stairs on Thursday night calling out to me that I needed to take him to the hospital - 6 hours later we got home - he's got another lovely scar in the making on his right thigh. A slight accident that had him come off second best left him with a rather deep gash - won't share the photo's as is a little gruesome LOL

Saturday we had no children at home - so DH and I went to Wellington in the morning for a spot of shopping, coffee stop and then visited Roger (DH's tattoist) - DH has plans for some more work - so an appointment has been booked... Roger's logo (the dragon) was the starting point for DH's quilt that I finished earlier in the year... here's another peek (must take another picture of DH and his quilt as this one is rather blurry), which reminds me I still haven't emailed this picture to Roger and his wife... must do that once I finish updating my blog.

Sunday went with a friend and youngest DD to the Eastbourne Fair - first time I've been - wasn't really what I was expecting so a little disappointed - though they had lots and lots of people around so hopefully all the stall holders made good sales.

Have decided to crank up the effort in finding a new job - have been in denial for quite awhile as I love where I am, however the current economy and the current climate of the company has
greatly reduced my role, so have decided to bite the bullet / grab the bull by the horns... and make a very concientious effort in finding a new role before Christmas (or even so I've got something lined up to commence in the new year)... will let you know how things progress - though even making a decision like this lessens some of the worry and stress...

Hope your week is turning out to be a good one.



Yvonne & Kevin said...

Hi Julie
All the luck in the world for job hunting, I am sure you will be very successful, don't go too far will you? We need you at Sawmillers !!
Love Yvonne & Kevin

loulee1 said...

Stunnng quilt. I do hope DHs leg heals soon.
Good luck with the job hunt.