Sunday, 24 February 2008

Well the quilts are finished...

...Its been a few long nights and weekends - though have finished the items placing in our quilt club's exhibition... have entered Chris' quilt (now named KIMONO); Woodland Santa (doll section); Autumn Leaves (challenge); Paua (3D, Innovative).

Here's a sneak peak of the Paua and Autumn Leaves I forgot to take a photo of Kimono before defluffing and packing away to take to register so will take photo's when it is hanging at the exhibition...

Now that I have 4 things finished - I can work away on some other UFO's waiting for completion... I have two quilt tops ready to sandwich and start quilting - so these will be my next items - and get back to my studies :)
Here is a lovely pic of my girls on their first day of heading off to intermediate and college - they are settling in so well and they look so grown up...

Here is a lovely quote that caught my eye...

Always. Unconditionally.
Follow your own heart.
Understand that persistence, hard work, and determination are the keys to success.
* Barbara Cage
Have a wonderful week, and look forward to placing more regular posts :)
Love Julz xox

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Yes... I'm still here :)

Hi there - so sorry haven't been blogging lately - have been working furiously on the projects that I want to enter into our quilt clubs March exhibition - they are to be handed in on 24 Feb - well have finished the machine quilting on Chris' quilt, the paua shell and the challenge - so am currently hand stitching the binding on Chris' quilt, (oh crickey - just realised that I need to make a hanging sleeve for Chris' quilt yet and handstitch that one), hand stitching the hanging sleeve on the paua shell and the challenge is finished - phew.
Yes I will add photo's over this coming weekend.
Chris has been busy with the block walls - back filling - cutting them to an angle edge etc - they do look so good.
The girls started their new year of schooling today, Becks at Intermediate and Kait at College - my babies - where have those years raced away too...
It is late and really need to head away for some shut-eye. Will update the blog with photo's over the weekend.
Love to all
J xoxo