Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter... lots to tell...

Got so much to update you on...

First Happy Easter, hope Easter Bunny has treated you to lots of easter buns, and chocolate eggs.

Chris has been busy with outside landscaping, while I've been attending Quilt Symposium... I've got a train to catch in 30 mins to head back to Symposium to help with Happy Hour before they head off to the Gala dinner tonight - so will start by loading some pic's of the hard work Chris and his dad have been doing in getting outside ready for the concrete pour next Saturday...

View from our lounge doors - to the left (wire section) is the footings for the outdoor fire, woodbox, and bbq :)

View from inside the lounge looking under the veranda - to the right at the girls bedrooms, and directly in front the other double doors is our bedroom

Back courtyard looking from the carport

Back courtyard looking towards carport. Double doors is dining room
Looking towards the washing line
And here is 'squirrel' helping out Chris... first she's laying in wait, then ... "OMG he's seen me, gotta get out of here...... fast !!!!!!!! "

Sorry but running out of time - PROMISE to load lots of pic's of the quilts on exhibition at symposium for you to drool over later tonight :)

Gotta catch the train now...


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Deb said...

Julz, you are really having an exciting weekend both at home and at Symposium. Lucky you. Darlene has gone up to Symposium, I registered to go but ended up not-obviously. Can't wait to see your photos.