Friday, 25 September 2009

Did I tell you...

.... That I've signed up to the gym for a month to do an intensive programme to get over my 'hump' of not being able to jog without feeling like my lungs are going to explode and to see some progress?

With the last duathlon we did at Trentham Memorial Park - I so struggled with the run, even though DD1 and I had increased our running. Well I was getting myself into a quandry of this is all too hard and just about chucked it in... then I read "Going the Distance" by Tracey Richardson (a story of a kiwi mum, who was depressed, overweight, completely run ragged (has 2 children with CF - who had endured way too many hospital stays, treatments etc) and two toddlers... anyway Tracey's story is about her turning point and the goals she set herself to have tackled in two years from the date she wrote that list (at probably her lowest point). One of her goals was to become healthier and fitter, and from reading the back of a cereal box one morning decided to compete in the Special K Triathlon, the week before that event, Tracey and her two older children were in Taupo to watch a Canadian lady with CF compete and win the women's section of the NZ Ironman, while watching that event another light bulb went off and she decided that she would compete in the following year's NZ Ironman (and later while she was training for the NZ Ironman decided to use it as a fundraising event for CF). Tracey's story is heart felt written, which includes glimpses into the private struggles of fitting 'it' all in (life, training, husband, kids, setting up a business, fundraising, hospital visits, treatments for her older Children etc). Tracey competed in the NZ Ironman (March or April) and later went onto compete in the Hawaii Ironman in the October of the same year (which fell on the 2 year date from when she wrote her original goal list) and even bettered her time by 30 mins.

Long story short I decided I haven't finished my mission with the Duathlons and I wasn't going to let this running hump set me back (plus I havent whipped my sis-in-law's butt yet - I've got to beat her in an event!!!), so I decided I needed help from a trainer and a programme set to get me back on track. Including today I've had 4 sessions at the gym - plus a long bike last Sunday, and have to say am starting to feel some benefits - yeah - love progress...

Tomorrow morning am going to hit the pavements and just go, not worry what I look like, not worry if I have to stop and walk a bit - just get out there and go!

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