Saturday, 2 January 2010

DD1's first experience of camping...

DD1 went and joined some of her friends at Kaitoke Regional Park yesterday afternoon to 'camp out' for the night... I sent her a txt at 10pm asking how she was going, her reply:

10.15pm "Camp's so cool mum! Haha everones been really nice. Have a good night xoxo"

next text received from DD1

7.42am "Last night was hell, ended up sleeping in the 2 older boys cars cos the tents broke! Weathers still horrible now :("

So by 9am, DH and I were there to pick her and one of the friends up. The weather had turned in the night to a gusty, wet nightmare. Driving along the road to their campsite a huge tree had toppled in the wind too. Not a great first experience for camping. They are warm and snug back home catching up on their missed sleep.

On the plus side.... today is a PERFECT day for quilting!! which is what I'm about to do.

Have a happy day.

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By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh Julz your last post made me laugh, it brought back memories of my previous life when camping was fun and we used to smear butter on the inside of the pup tent where leaks were. The thought now makes me shudder. No more camping for me unless there are 5 stars above the tent flap LOL.
I love the picture you have on your header, what an action shot!
Enjoy the sewing, the weathe ris getting worse.